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Chia During Pregnancy: Benefits and Side Effects

chia seeds during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time for your baby and yourself. Your meals and calorie counts are, thus, to be carefully monitored. At this time, knowing what is right to eat and exercise during your pregnancy is extremely significant.

There are just too many people throwing advice at you. Yet, what if all you needed was a sprinkle of some seeds right from the very natural resources of our society?

It's time to take some notes ladies - because here are 11 benefits of the chia seeds pregnancy superfood. This can help you add on to your healthy pregnancy diet in the easiest yet effective manner!

Table of Content

What is Chia?

Nutritional Value of Chia Seeds

6 Benefits of Chia Seeds

How To Consume Chia During Pregnancy

Chia Side Effects

Precautions of Eating Chia While Pregnant

What is Chia?

chia seeds while pregnant

Chia seeds are black and white edible seeds. They come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica. Although it is originally grown in Mexico, there is no need to worry ladies. Chia is available in any local store near you.

Nutritional Value of Chia Seeds

Chia is the ultimate boosting reservoir of abundant energy resources. It is one of the most effective ingredient of the top ten pregnancy superfoods to add into your daily health routine. Professionals state, that in a tablespoon of chia seeds you and your precious baby get:

nutritional value of chia

6 Benefits of Chia Seeds

chia seeds in pregnancy

Isn't it already believable that chia is the ideal pregnancy superfood choice for a healthy and complete term? Yet - there is so much more to it that you must know about this pregnancy superfood!

1] Chia is high in fibre

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a variety of changes like stretch marks, morning sickness, food cravings, etc. This also includes changes in your digestion like constipation. Chia seeds can benefit your constipation issues by providing fibre resources and preventing excessive constipation.

2] Chia is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Healthy amounts of blood circulation during pregnancy is very important. Oxygen is one of the top resources that is necessary for a healthy fetus development. This is not only for your precious one's development but for your good health as a mother.

Chia seed can benefit both your baby's and your health during pregnancy because the seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can help fight inflammation. It can also prevent heart disease by lowering your blood pressure as well as heart rate. At the same time, it improves your blood vessel functions.

chia seeds during pregnancy

3] Chia provides an energy boost

Along with a nutritious diet, exercise is also a very crucial part of a healthy pregnancy. According to research, chia seeds can benefit your exercise routines as well. The seeds add a positive energy boost for your best and effective pregnancy health.

So, the next time you are getting warmed up to relax and stretch - don't forget your healthy dose of this pregnancy superfood!

4] Chia seeds regularise your sugar absorption

Chia seeds are also beneficial for regularised sugar absorption in your body. Studies say that this can indirectly stabilize your mood swings while your little baby also has a safe blood sugar level.

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chia seeds while pregnant

5] Chia is a good source of calcium

In nutrition, the most essential minerals and vitamins like potassium, vitamin C, etc are extremely important to benefit both your precious baby and you. Chia seeds are a powerhouse of such significant health resources - in this case, chia seeds have calcium health benefits.

With 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds, you benefit a good dose of calcium around 88-176 mg from pregnancy superfood. As per professional recommendation, 1000mg of calcium a day is beneficial for a healthy pregnancy. In no time you'll be the next mommy-to-be with special Popeye powers!

6] Chia seeds are most easy to consume

Chia seeds turn gel-like when mixed with any liquid. So, there is no need to worry about odd flavours and textures while eating or drinking chia seeds. Instead, chia seeds naturally roll on your tongue - providing a comfortable health experience. This is a chia seed benefit which can help fill you up while being nutritious for longer periods of time.

How To Consume Chia During Pregnancy

chia seeds in pregnancy

Another amazing chia seeds benefit is that you can add them to any meal of your day very easily. It could be your early morning breakfast of oats, yoghurt, etc. with a healthy sprinkle of chia seeds.

Chia seeds can also be a delicious ingredient in salad dressings for some light meals with them. In fact - recently - baking with chia has also started to famously trend. Chia is easy to mix in cakes, cupcakes, pie, etc. - providing the perfect healthy treat!

Chia As An Energy Drink

When you can drink it up there is no need to struggle to light the stove, right? For those ladies with a super fast lifestyle - chia smoothies are your perfect pregnancy superfood solution! Just take:

chia seeds during pregnancy

Ingredients required:

- 1 cup water

- 3 tablespoon chia seeds

- 1 cup any juice you prefer

Preparing the chia:

Step 1: Heat up the water and add the chia seeds. Stir well till the chia seeds are evenly dispersed and start to swell.

Step 2: Cover and put a cup in the refrigerator. Let it sit overnight.

Step 3: Get your cup out of the fridge. Your chia seeds should be bigger, gelatinous and in a gel-like water.

Drink: When you are maybe running late the next day, all you need to do is mix 1 cup of this chia seed gel with 1 cup juice of your choice and mix well. (This recipe serves 2)

Chia Side Effects?

chia seeds while pregnant

Ideally, chia is recommended for eating up to 12 weeks and up to 8 weeks for skin care without any kind of side-effects. As per professionals, there are not that many chia seeds side-effects other than an allergic reaction.

Precautions of Eating Chia While Pregnant

At a sensitive time like pregnancy, you should always be careful with what you do or eat, how you do or eat and avoid as many side-effects as possible.

Discussing the chia side effects with the careful consultation of your doctor will be best for your baby and you. It will help provide you with little pointers for future safety precautions that you can take to avoid any unwanted chia seeds side-effects.

So, are your little one and you ready for this delicious pregnancy superfood of chia goodness?

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