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Vitamins (B6, K, C, and E), minerals, especially potassium, or dietary fibres, avocados contain them all and a lot more and is known for its immense health benefits. The cheezy avocado pasta is healthy, simple, yet mouth-watering.

Ingredients required:

- 1-2 Avocado (well cooked and mashed into a puree).

- Organic honey (~1 - 2 tablespoon), optional

- Milk (1/3 a cup)

- Grated cheddar cheese (3/4 a cup)

- Pasta (~ 7-8 ounces, well cooked)


- In a blender, add the avocado puree, milk, a tablespoon of butter, grated cheese and blend it into a smooth paste.

- In a pan (placed at a low steam), add the cheesy avocado sauce and the cooked pasta and stir well. Add a pinch of salt.

- You can also opt for honey and parsley leaves to garnish the pasta.

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