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Check Out This Amazing Flame Test To See If Your Baby Wipes Are Really Safe Or Not!!

Moms put a lot of thought and care into everything concerning their babies. She buys the best thing for her baby from a baby’s body wash to the pacifier. But have you ever turned these products over and looked at the ingredients list? You might be shocked at what you find there. Without the knowledge, you’ve been exposing your baby to harsh and harmful chemicals.

You should be aware that your baby’s skin is 80 times more sensitive than the skin of an adult, so these chemicals can easily be absorbed into the baby’s skin. The result of which are allergies, skin infections and rashes to your little one. Yes, we’re talking about those red, angry patches that are disheartening to see on your baby.

Why toxic chemicals and low-quality fabric are used in baby wipes?

Most baby products that promise to protect your baby’s skin, prevent the spread of bacteria and are pleasant smelling take the help of harmful chemicals to fulfill these promises. Especially in products like baby wipes which you use on a daily basis on your baby’s skin, the amount of chemicals present do more harm than good.

In fact, a synthetic compound called ‘polyester’ is a major component that is used to craft the fibre of baby wipes. Higher the percentage of polyester, lower will be the cost of baby wipes. Actually, ‘polyester’ is water repellent and synthetically made from plastic waste which can be harsh on soft baby skin and when you rub this fabric on the soft wrinkled skin of your baby, it may lead to allergy and rashes.

This same polyester is also used in making plastic, pipes and wires. This will give you a rough idea about how the use of polyester in baby wipes fabric might be affecting your baby’s skin.

How do you find out if the wipes you are using contain polyester?

Here we will tell you about a simple way that will help you to determine if the baby wipes you’ve been using are safe for your little one or not. It is by doing a flame test. The best part is that you can do it right at the comfort of your home!

What you Need: -

-Baby wipes



Procedure to do the Flame Test: -

-Light the candle with the help of a matchbox.

-Take any baby wipe and let it dry a little so that it could be easier to burn.

-Hold a corner of the baby wipe near the flame.

Factors you need to know for results:-

1. Fragrance: - 

The smell which comes after burning the wipe is very important. If the wipes are burning and it smells badly like plastic then it means the wipes have a high percentage of ‘polyester’ in the fabric. This means that the wipes are bad for your baby’s skin as their fabric is chemically formulated from plastic waste.

Secondly, if the wipes fabric is burning and there is no bad smell of plastic or you can smell the fragrance of burned cloth or paper, it means that the wipes are made up of natural fabric and there is no blend of polyester in them.

2. Fabric after Burning: - 

If you noticed a hard black residue or hard lump on the fabric after burning, it means that there is a presence of polyester in it. You can see it in the picture below.

If you are burning the wipes and the fabric turns into an ash that means that the baby wipe is genuinely 100% plant fabric and cotton. It is made up of natural fabric which will not cause any harm to your baby’s skin. Also, there will be no hard lumps forming on the wipes fabric, everything will turn into ashes.

We conducted this flame test for a few popular baby wipes and found that 99% of wipes present in the market are made up of cheap fabric whereas it is to be mentioned that polyester percentage may vary from brand to brand but almost every wipes have a substantial amount of polyester to lower the cost of baby wipes. When they are burnt, they give bad odour and leave a black residue behind. One brand that stood out was Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes that passed the flame test successfully. It completely burned down into ashes and did not reek of burnt plastic. Rightfully, they have also mentioned on the pack that the fabric used is 100% natural and using this brand is entirely safe on super soft baby’s skin. Furthermore, they are water-based wipes with cotton like plant fabric which truly makes them the best and all natural baby wipes among the presently available baby wipes around.

Lastly, mothers, it is always good to be careful and test everything you are using on your little heart. Cleaning plays an important role in baby health, so it is better to use cotton and water or Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes with all natural fabric. 

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