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Chances Of Getting Pregnant Even On Birth Control

We all have often heard that birth control methods are not cent percent efficient and may, at times, fail. But how true is this? Let us find out.

Most contraceptives that happen to fail are mainly condoms and pills. Although there isn’t much to speculate in case of condoms, since they may break or simply be ineffective at times, the pill's reliability has also been called into question. Birth control pills do have a high success rate but there are still chances that you might get pregnant while on the pill.

There are certain factors which are at play in this phenomenon, so if you are sexually active, take care of these things and do not be completely reliant on your birth control pill.

1. Time of Consumption

Birth control pills are 99 percent reliable/effective IF consumed at a proper time. This means that you need to take your pill every day at the same time, without missing even a single dose. If you do not follow this schedule with devotion, the 99 percent will fall to 91 percent and then you have a straight 9 percent chance of getting pregnant. So next time you think about delaying the pill because of laziness or any other reason, think again.

2. Bad habits

Recollect your mother’s advice when you next think of getting too drunk. When alcohol consumption goes beyond a particular limit, it interferes with your bodily functions and even your hormones, thus rendering the pill ineffective. The same follows for smoking. So while it is alright to be a little reckless in your life, make sure you do not put yourself in jeopardy.

3. Mixing medications

If you are taking any other medications for any particular disorder or disease, consult with your doctor in order to figure out a time schedule for all your medicines. It may so happen that your other meds may interfere with your birth control pill. You need to be extra careful in case of over-the-counter medicines. The best resort is to ask your doctor about everything, rather than seeking self-expertise.

Backup birth control methods

If you are not good at remembering things and often forget to take your pill on time, then you should probably switch to other methods of contraception such as – IUDs, Condoms, Diaphragm, Cervical cap, etc. talk to your doctor and they will help you figure out the best alternative for you. Do not feel awkward while speaking to your doctor, remember they can only help you if they know everything.

Look out for pregnancy signs

Although this stage needs to be avoided at all costs (if you are not looking to get pregnant), you ought to look out for signs and symptoms of a possible pregnancy. Some women do not realize that they have fallen pregnant until it is too late to take any steps. The commonly observed signs of a pregnancy are – tender or swollen breasts, morning sickness, missed periods, unusual food cravings, a sudden aversion to certain scents and foods, etc.

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