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Chances Of Getting Pregnant: Before, During And After Periods

You must have heard that getting pregnant is all about the right timing and keeping track of your menstrual cycles but even after keeping track of your periods and being on schedule with the baby-making process, you may not be able to get pregnant. On the other hand, there are stories about how women get pregnant when they didn’t even plan on getting pregnant. 

All of this information can leave you feeling confused on what really is the best time to have sex. Let us discuss the likelihood of you getting pregnant before, during and after getting your period and finally conclude on what is the best time to get pregnant.

Likeliness Of Getting Pregnant Before Your Period

Right before your period, your odds of getting pregnant are pretty low. So, the days leading right up to your period are the days you can have sex if you aren’t trying to have a baby. If you get your period every 28-30 days, your ovulation occurs between 11-21 days. The egg would then be alive only for 12-24 hours.

So if you want to conceive, then right before your period is probably not the best time to try making a baby. But you can, of course, enjoy this time with your partner without a fear of getting pregnant.

Odds Of Getting Pregnant During Your Period

Most would think that it safe to have unprotected sex during your period because it seems like the most unlikely time to get pregnant. Of course, the chances of getting pregnant on the first day of your period is slim but you there is a fair chance of you getting pregnant while you are on your period. During ovulation, the ovary lays an egg that waits in the Fallopian tube to get fertilized for about 24 hours. Meanwhile, the uterus prepares a lining to host the embryo. If the sperm meets the egg during this time, you get pregnant. Else, the egg and the lining shed and your period will start.

Your period can actually start anywhere between Day 21 and Day 30. If you had an early period, it is likely that the ovulation would also start early.


Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Your Period

After your period is when your body will start to get into the fertility phase. It is unlikely to get pregnant during this time, but if sperm gets into your reproductive tract, it can stay there for 2-5 days. Since ovulation starts between the 11th and 21st day, it is possible that you could get pregnant. Let’s do some simple math to figure this out. Say you get your period exactly on day 28. It lasts for about 4-5 days - consider it as 5 days. You have sex on day 6. The sperm stays in for 5 days. Ovulation starts early on day 11, and the sperm is still in the reproductive tract. The egg gets fertilized and then - you get pregnant.

In conclusion, it isn’t impossible to get pregnant right after your period. Your chances of getting pregnant only increase in the days following your period.

When You Are More Likely To Get Pregnant

Now, there are a number of factors that will decide if you are going to get pregnant or not - age, timing, irregularities in your period, any illness and how often you have sex. The likeliness of getting pregnant is more when you are still in your twenties. You still have a fair chance of getting pregnant in your thirties but beyond that, it is difficult. So if you want to get pregnant later in life, freezing your eggs is one option. But again, the chances depend on the quality of the eggs you are freezing (An article on freezing the eggs will be written soon so keep checking if interested).

The best and most optimal time to conceive is before your ovulation and right when it starts. This is when the egg is more likely to get fertilized by a healthy sperm. So start trying from day 5 all the way up to day 25. The more often you try, the higher your chances.

Good luck with your baby-making!


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