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Cesarean Vs Normal Delivery – Benefits And Risks

Pregnancy is like the rainbow, full of joy and happy colours in life. The best feeling is when- you’re closing into your due date and finally you’ll be holding the little love of your life in your loving arms!! How exciting, isn’t it?

Since the big day is just around the corner, you must be thinking of the method of delivery! You must be very familiar with Cesarean and Vaginal birthing methods but which one to opt for is the main concern in your mind right now!

Don’t worry mommies, we have got your back! With the help of this article, you’ll be able to make a decision to choose the birthing method which is safe for both you and your baby.

Everything you need to know about Vaginal Birth

It is the most natural process of bringing your baby into the world. In fact, many expecting mothers opt for this method of birthing. Once you deliver the baby, your stay in the hospital is shorter. The recovery time is much shorter than the c-section delivery.

It does not involve any incisions or major surgical process. Since it doesn’t involve any surgery, chances of developing complications are comparatively lesser. American Pregnancy Association says that mothers who opt to undergo a normal delivery, have a lower mortality risk.


Vaginal birth has many benefits for your baby too! Your baby and your body naturally, begin preparing for the birthing process and it progresses on its own. As your baby passes through your vaginal opening, all the amniotic fluid in your baby’s lungs gets flushed out naturally. In the same process, your baby will also ingest a lot of protective bacteria which help in developing a good immune system.

The downside:

For a normal delivery, the entire process depends on the mother’s body’s readiness and timing. Therefore, there’s no way one can ever pre-schedule the birth. As you move closer to the due date, you might also experience emotions such as anxiety and stress.

Also, you undergo a condition known as incontinence in which you have no control over your urge to pee. You may also experience sexual problems post-delivery. It also possesses a risk to your baby as the head needs to pass through the birth canal and forceps might be needed to pull the baby out.

Everything you need to know about Cesarean Birth:

In a C-section, the childbirth happens with the help of an incision made through your uterus and the abdominal wall. Currently, it on the rise to be the most popular choice of giving birth in the mommy world. Since it is a planned surgical process, you need to know exactly when your baby is going to arrive. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to undergo this method of giving birth as it will help you in reducing anxiety.


When you opt for a Cesarean delivery, you are less likely to suffer from incontinence, which is common in the case of vaginal delivery. There are lesser risks of suffering from sexual problems post-delivery. Moreover, your baby too, has lesser chances of suffering from birth trauma as there is barely any use of forceps.

The downside:

Since this delivery method requires planning, there might be a chance that your baby is still not naturally ready and mature enough to come out in the real world. Incorrect calculations of your due date can become a living nightmare for you.

As this method is all about surgery, there is a greater loss of blood and the use of anaesthesia increases the risk of developing complications. Your body becomes prone to a lot of infections and blood clots! A cesarean method has a high risk of mortality for the mother and twice the mortality rate for babies.

What happens post surgery?

You might suffer from a lot of complications like decreased bowel movements and you might need to stay in the hospital for a little longer as your body needs to recover. It can also lead to complications when it comes to breastfeeding. It increases your chances of suffering from postnatal depression too. 

The method of choosing the process of giving birth is entirely up to the mother and the father. It is advised to speak with your partner when it comes to making this crucial decision. In fact, couples seek the help of a doctor as he will always suggest something that fits you and your baby’s needs.

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