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Celeb Moms Worry About Their Child's Privacy

Parenting is a long journey of majorly successes and some bumps on the road. There are times of great struggles to quiet down tears and there are other joyful instances of seeing your little one smile at you for the first time. Yet, at the end - one tends to not only learn a lot but have a strong loving bond with your little one.

Being a celebrity parent comes with added stress. Childhood is a time of extreme sensitivity. The strong limelight is usually not good - and many a times traumatizing. Studies have shown that childhood is a time of molding, like clay, the child’s personality and future. When children are made to appear before the camera - be it reality shows or the media - the constant buzz is usually never a pleasant experience for the little ones.

A recent Times of India article gives a detailed example of this problem that can happen with celeb children. Along with strong evidences of studies, the article looks at different opinions celeb moms have.

On one side, celeb moms like Shilpa Ganesh and Madhuri Dixit usually prefer that their little ones stay indoors - Priyanka Upendra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan feel that glamour is a part of their child’s life. Aishwarya has recently faced some questioning glance since the Cannes Film Festival event. Many felt that her little one should not have been in such a ‘public’ event.

Recently even Kareena Kapoor Khan has become very strong on this matter regarding her son Taimur. She insists that she wants Taimur’s life to remain non-photographed. Although taking a few snaps is alright (as it is part of Kareena’s life), continuous photography is a big non-no. The new mom has also decided that she needs to take a break from stardom. After her recent film, she feels she needs to spend even more time on a long vacation with Taimur for his better wellbeing.

Kareena Taimur Khan

Many times Kareena has been asked for her reasons to protect Taimur. The only best answer she gives is that Taimur is a normal child like any little one. She has even pointed out that Taimur’s fashion is more for his comfort and less for the glamour quotient.  

Is balance the best option?

Priyanka Upendra says that her own celebrity status is part of her children’s life. Parenting, according to her, is the balance that needs to be created for celeb moms. Otherwise, the celeb mom thinks, choosing the amount of camera exposure is up to a mother.

It is well said by Priyanka Upendra that parents always know what is best for their little one. Do you agree with this ladies? Like, share and comment your views own below!

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