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8 Tips on Caring for a Newborn Baby

Bringing home your newborn little bundle of joy can be both stressful and joyous. Here are a few tips for happily ever after with the little one. 

Timely Feeding: 

Satisfying the tiny stomach can be hard. Timely feed is important to grow and fulfil the needs of developing little one. So if your baby is gaining steady weight goals and stays on the growth front, you're on the right track.

Burp it up: 

The tiny feets consume milk and inhale air during feeding sessions. This makes them have stomach blues and gassy. The solution: Burping! By burping you ease the little one and aid in the digestion of milk by the release of gas. Burping can be done by gently patting on the back of the baby.

Hold his head: 

The tiny little thing cannot support itself or his locomotive abilities. His little backbone is not able to support him or his head. Hence very carefully handle him with a hand or an elbow under his head to support him. You may experiment various holding positions and find the one which is both comfortable and happy for you guys.

Crying solutions: 

The newborn has just one way to communicate varied emotions: hunger, discomfort, tiredness. Although the parents may feel like the baby is constantly crying yet it is important to associate his crying with associating emotions. This will help you both relax and give baby more sleeping time. (Remember: This too shall pass)

Play safe: 

The baby is a gift for the parents and they can never get tired of playing with him. However, it is important to never shake your baby as it may lead to bleeding (haemorrhage). Also, keep the doting elder children under your supervision as they may unknowingly harm the baby. Make them learn how important they are to the baby and engage them in the baby's care to avoid jealousy.

Bath time: 

The baby needs a bath with lukewarm water and preferably sponge him in the initial days. As his skin is too soft, use mild baby soaps and oils. Bathing helps to calm the baby. Follow up with a generous feeding and your little one will have the best daytime sleep ever. Some baby care products carry baby spa products as well. You can use them once the baby is more than one month old and a bit comfortable to handle. Newborns are slippery beings who love to stay active during baths and ask for help during this period.

Nail the Nails: 

Baby nails are fast growing and need frequent intervention. If you do not cut them then the baby will scratch himself or even you with his tiny nails. This can be painful. So buy a baby nail clipper and trim them. Another alternative is to use mittens.

Umbilical care: 

The remains of the umbilical cord shed off themselves with time. Yet until then take special care of the area and avoid dip bath. In case of redness or susceptible bleeding, consult the paediatrician.

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