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Can You Get Pregnant Again When You're Already Pregnant?

YES! The answer is YES! Sounds bizarre right? We thought so too, but then we found out about a woman(out of a handful of women) who is a living proof of this and we did some research and dug up the science behind it which says that you can ‘technically’ get pregnant even when you already are pregnant.     

Let us first consider why we think superfetation (Yup, that’s what this rare phenomenon is called) is not possible. When a woman gets pregnant, all those crazy hormones will shut down her system that is responsible for ovulation. So it’s impossible for a woman to get pregnant twice during the same pregnancy period. 

But hold your horses, although there isn’t a clear and defined explanation about how superfetation occurs. There’s a theory put forward in which doctors believe if a delay occurs during the implantation of the first embryo it might result in the decrease of hormonal production. During this period, a second egg could be released which is fertilized and boom! The woman is now pregnant with 2 babies.

Michelle Hutchins, mom of two gave birth to twins(if you can call them that) and they looked nothing alike. Finley has dark brown hair and brown eyes whereas Macey is blond with blue eyes. They were conceived at different times (5 weeks apart) but were born on the same day. The difference in weights between Macey and Finley at birth was remarkable but they have been growing and developing like any baby would.

In most cases, both the babies are delivered at the same time. A few years back it would’ve been impossible to find out that the babies were conceived at different times before birth. It is only at birth they would find that one baby is underdeveloped or weighed much less than the other. But recent technology has made it possible to find out about superfetation in the ultrasound and take measures accordingly where the mother can opt for a C-section to get the first baby delivered and then wait until the second baby is fully developed to give birth to it.

Superfetation is super rare - Not more than one or two cases is reported in a year. If you’re pregnant, we wouldn’t say this is something you should worry about but it’s still interesting to know the extents of human fertility! 

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