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Can You be Allergic to Something as Healthy as Avocados?

Avocados are quite popular in the culinary world for being the go-to ingredient, whether you’re making salads and wraps or dips and smoothies. This pear-shaped berry offers more than 15 different vitamins and minerals in just a single serving. That’s not all! Avocados are also known to be low in sugar and rich in fibre content, which is why they’re widely regarded as a superfood in fitness circles. But, the downside to this wondrous fruit is the fact that it can cause an allergic reaction in your body.

What does an Avocado Allergy Mean?

While the chances of you being allergic to avocados are pretty remote, it isn’t an uncommon kind of food allergy. Just like any other food allergy out there, an avocado allergy can occur when your immune system develops a hypersensitive reaction to consuming the fruit. At first, you may simply experience digestive, skin, or oral discomfort after eating an avocado.

However, an avocado allergy may take a turn for the worse if you don’t treat it in time. In rare cases, such an allergic reaction may even lead to a life-threatening condition called anaphylaxis. For this reason, it’s very important that you’re aware of all the signs and symptoms of an avocado allergy so you’re prepared in the event you ever experience such a reaction.

How can You be Allergic to Avocados?

There are two ways how you can be allergic to avocados:

1.Oral Allergy

You can develop an oral allergic reaction to avocados if your immune system malfunctions by recognizing the proteins retained in avocados as allergens. When this happens the first time, you may not see any adverse or unpleasant reaction. However, your immune system can attack these allergens during the subsequent phase of contact, thereby releasing histamines and other chemicals that emerge as allergic reactions in your body.

An oral avocado allergy can manifest itself in your body in the form of mild to severe symptoms, including itching of your lips, mouth, and throat. Here are the main signs of an oral allergic reaction that you should be aware of:



-Swallowing difficulties

-Swelling on the inside of your mouth, eyelids, and face


2.Latex Allergy

If you’re already allergic to latex, there’s a good chance that you may react to consuming avocados too. Usually, people that are allergic to latex can also be allergic to certain foods like kiwis, chestnuts, and papayas. This is more to do with latex being involved in some form or the other before you consume any foods rather than the food items themselves. To put things in to perspective, the latex-avocado allergy is a great example of cross-reactivity. Some of the major signs of the latex-avocado allergy are:

-Pain in the abdomen


-Itchy eyes


-Upset stomach

-Stomach cramps



-A headache and/or nausea

Your latex allergy could end up into systemic reactions, including hives, and anaphylactic response. Consequently, your airways could get swollen considerably and you may have a lot of difficulty breathing. Even expectant women aren’t safe in case of a latex-avocado allergy. While the nutritional value that this fruit brings to the table is something that you should never forget, it’s just not safe for you to continue eating avocados when you’re pregnant, quite simply because of the systemic reactions that it can possibly cause. 

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