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Can The Foods You Eat During Pregnancy Affect The Appearance Of Your Baby?

Foods that affect the appearance of the baby

From the pool of advice that pregnant women receive, the type of foods they should be eating to give birth to a baby with curly, black hair or fair skin is very common in India. We must agree that nutrition from certain fruits, vegetables and other foods are really helpful to give birth to a healthy baby but can these foods determine what your baby looks like?

1. Chocolate
Does eating chocolate during pregnancy change the skin tone of the baby?

To this date, a lot of people believe that eating dark foods like chocolate, caffeine and dates will result in a baby will darker complexion and consuming milk and other dairy products will result in a fair baby. These are nothing but myths and there’s no science behind them. Chocolate may be asked to be avoided because of their high sugar content and caffeine because it may lead to hypertension.

2. Saffron
Does saffron help make the unborn baby fair?

The first thing to keep in mind is completely dependent on genetics and nothing you eat is going to influence it. So drinking milk with saffron every day won’t make your baby fair. Milk is really good for your bones because it increases calcium, but don’t expect it to magically change the skin tone of your unborn baby.

3. Spicy food
Can spicy food affect your newborn's health?

Pregnant women are warned against consuming spicy food. This may be because spicy food irritates the stomach and causes constipation and burning sensation. But in certain cultures, they believe that intake of spicy food during pregnancy may result in blindness of the baby - This is not a proven fact. So, if you’re comfortable with spicy food during pregnancy, by all means, go ahead.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy could cause birth defects

Alcohol is a strict No-no during pregnancy and there’s a good reason for it. Several studies show that alcohol consumption can result in birth defects for the baby - both physical and mental. This includes the shape of the head, distance between the eyes and so on. Although there is a constant debate about the safe amounts of alcohol that can be had during pregnancy, it’s best to stay away from it.

5. Meat
Can meat harm your baby during pregnancy?

Meat contains a lot of protein that is beneficial during pregnancy but does it change the way your baby is going to look? No. The thing you need to stay away from is seafood because fish with high mercury levels could cause severe defects for the child. 


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