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Can Sleeping With A Bra Prevent Saggy Breasts?

Sagging of breasts can be caused by many factors. Aging is one of the main factors that cause breasts to sag. As age increases, your skin loses its natural elasticity and thus tends to wrinkle and fold. At times, menopause can lead to greater fat accumulation in your breasts which may add on to the weight that your skin has to bear, thus causing sagging.

Sagging, also known as Ptosis, is observed in women after childbirth or due to excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss. Wearing a bra in an upright position will definitely help your breasts defy gravity, but the same may not follow when you are sleeping. It then becomes a purely personal choice whether you want to wear a bra to bed or not.

At times, having a higher number of pregnancies or smoking can also cause your breasts to sag.

Will wearing a bra to bed, help?

Wearing a bra to bed will definitely help your breasts to offload some weight from the ligaments and tissues thereby helping a little, but there is hardly any scientific evidence which could support this hypothesis. It could prevent drooping, but even this, remains a conjecture at the best.

It is advisable for women with larger breasts to wear a bra to bed because; it provides their breasts adequate support and also prevents the nearby skin from stretching, hence preventing stretch marks. Most women with larger cup sizes, in fact, find it comfortable to wear a bra while sleeping. This again isn’t backed by enough research.

If you do decide to wear a bra to bed, make sure that you pick the right kind. Choosing a hard underwired bra or a push-up bra can cause great discomfort and hinder blood circulation. Choose a bra that will not only provide adequate support to your breasts but is also comfortable and allows blood to circulate freely.

A proper, fitting sports bra or bralette could be the solution since most other bras are designed to provide vertical support, not horizontal. Also, wearing a bra all the time does not cause breast cancer.

Ways to prevent sagging

If you are looking to strengthen your breast muscles, you can go for exercises or weight lifting techniques that will help strengthen your muscles and ligaments. Most doctors believe that one of the most effective ways to prevent sagging is by wearing a well-fitting and supportive bra when exercising or doing any high impact activities.

If you smoke, quit. This will prevent your breasts from sagging and also help you from falling prey to many other health ailments. If you are trying to lose or gain weight, do so at a slow and steady pace, so that your body has enough time to take in the impact and adjust accordingly.

This may seem very silly, but most women do not use the proper bra size. To find out your proper size and wear bras accordingly. This will not only give a lot of comforts, but it will also provide your breasts with the proper, required support.

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