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Can Sex During The First Trimester Cause Miscarriage?

It is all fun and games till you get pregnant because that’s when you begin to realize your responsibilities. This is the part where the couple is no longer just a hubby or wifey, they are about to become MOM and DAD for the very first time in their lives. It is a prestigious milestone to hit in a lifetime. With great parenthood, comes great responsibility. Hence, it is advised to take extra caution when you’re pregnant!

Talking about sex and miscarriage, both are a part and parcel of life. However, they might have an co-relation with each other. Miscarriages aren’t an uncommon as 15-20% of early pregnancies end that way. In fact, a lot of women don’t even realise that they had conceived and lost! It is said that doing your routine activities like having sex, exercising mildly etc don’t cause miscarriage, because if they did… can you imagine what would have happened to the human race?

According to the American Psychology Association, you’re more likely to suffer from a miscarriage in the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy. Miscarriages mostly happen due to chromosomal abnormalities and defects in the fetus. Just because such an adversity like this one can happen to anybody, doesn’t mean that your body is fragile or that you shouldn’t have sex. Always remember, you’re giving rise to another human being and it is not like you’ll strike a 100% success rate at the very first try!

What about my sex life then?

Upon conceiving, you can still have sex and enjoy it. You can have an active sex life till your water breaks. This is because your baby is sleeping inside a safe layer of amniotic fluid, which is well-cushioned. The mucus layer surrounding the cervix protects your baby against any infection. So, you have nothing to worry about, at all. Sex is fun and let pregnancy not stop you from getting naughty in the sheets. As a matter of fact, even doctors deem that sex is completely safe for women unless they have complicated pregnancies.

How to keep my unborn baby safe?

To prevent the risk of having a miscarriage, pregnant women are advised not to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or consume illegal drugs as they’re horrible for your baby.

However, sex is a healthy activity which helps you relax and keep you stress-free, elevates mood and helps you bond with your partner. It won’t lead you to have a preterm labor or any other developmental risk. You know you body and its uniqueness the best, hence we advise you to consult your doctor because they’re the best at putting your worries at rest. Once your doctor gives you the green flag, you’re good to go back in the sheets and enjoy some steamy intimacy with your partner.

When can I stop worrying?

Anxiety during pregnancy is a normal thing to happen. Once you cross your 13th week of pregnancy, you ‘ll feel a lot better and calm because you’ve overcome the risk of having a miscarriage. By then you’ll stop feeling fragile and get accustomed to the pregnancy state of mind. Just remember, you’re a STRONG WOMAN and YOU GOT THIS!

Happy and Safe Pregnancy, Mommy! 


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