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Fever is an indicator of the fact that there is something not well with your body and that the immune system is raising its defense mechanism to help itself stay free off the problem. Medication is easily available over the counter and the same carries long-term side effects as they lower the body temperature and defenses immediately. Rather relying on Tylenol, ibuprofen, paracetamol or combiflam, etc. it is advisable to get home treatment for the fever.

Common Causes of fever:

As fever occurs if body temperature crosses 100.4 degrees, it's, in reality, an indication of underlying issue which can be commonly attributed to the following factors:

- Flu or common cold

- Infection

- Airborne or vector-borne diseases

- Strep throat

- Stomach bug

- Drug abuse

- Serious issues like AIDS, Cancer, etc. can also bring fever in their wake as these impact the immune system of the body.

Fever symptoms:

Apart from the common symptom of the body Temperature shooting above 100.4 degrees, the fever is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

- Body Pain

- Vomiting

- Chills

- Nausea

- Irritability

- Dehydration and weakness

- Pain in eyes

- Fussiness

- Extreme fatigue

- Delirium and convulsions (common in little ones and elderly in case of extremely high temperature)

Fever Bath:

Bathing in tepid water can be extremely helpful in reducing the body temperature. This reduction in the temperature helps the body recover from the accompanying signs of fever as well.

Follow the following steps to get relief from the fever with just a bath:

- Get a lukewarm water bathtub. Bathing in cold or extremely hot water can be harmful to you.

- Ideally, soak yourself till comfortable. If shivering occurs, immediately leave the process.

- Cover yourself fully after this tepid bath. Wear socks and cover your head and get yourself back into bed.

- Get a family member prepare a herbal tea for you.

- Drink the tea and give yourself a good chance to sleep. Also cover yourself fully to overcome chilling sensation.

- Your body will relax after this process and you will find yourself sweating and fever decreasing.

- Similarly, sponging with tepid water can also yield effective temperature relief. Also if all this is too much then opt for cold compress in your underarms and groin area.

Other options:

If bathing is not your cup of tea during fever then you can go for these strategies to remove the issue:

- Take medication only if the fever crosses 104 degrees.

- Take rest. (If suffering from cold, give your body some sunshine).

- Keep yourself hydrated naturally (water is the best way followed by vitamin-rich citrus juices).

- Avoid taking Alcohol bath (especially if your kid has a fever).

- Placing a damp cloth on neck and back can be beneficial.

- For those suffering from cold and sore throat can opt for hot seviyan to soothe themselves.

- Ginger tea, holy basil, chamomile, peppermint or herbal tea followed by quick rest in a blanket. (To sweat it out)

- Garlic clove in hot water can help fight the disease and give body Immunity.

If all else fails then consult the physician right away. Avoid self-medication at all costs (especially if you are lactating or pregnant). 

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