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Build Good Dental Care Habits, The FUN Way

As parents, it’s our responsibility to take care of our children’s dental health and protect their smiles. And in order to do so, it’s important to make brushing and other oral care habits a habit. Of course, this can be quite challenging - children often refuse to brush their teeth and can be cranky and impatient while brushing. The only way to make brushing a habit is to be patient, try again and again, and of course, try making brushing a fun activity.

Here’s Why You Should Make Brushing Fun

Fun Makes Mornings Stress-Free

The best way to get kids to do anything is to make them enjoy it. Whether it’s eating healthy or reading, making these things interesting can help. Similarly, with brushing too, your kids may resist it initially, but by making it fun, you can handle their fuss and get them to brush. This can go a long way in reducing the stress during your morning rush at home.

Ensures Proper Technique and Complete Hygiene

When your child is engaged, they will let your brush their teeth properly. And the proper technique is essential to help remove any leftover food on the teeth and tongue.

This is possible when your child is enjoying the toothpaste - which is why you should pick a kids toothpaste in fruity flavours like the Strawberry and Bubble Fruit flavours of Colgate Kids Toothpaste. Not only will your kids like it, but it also helps ensure an appropriate amount of the mineral fluoride, which helps reduce the risk of dental caries by strengthening the teeth.


Helps You Build A Habit

When a habit is made fun, it’s much easier to uphold it. Whether it comes to making brushing a habit, or making exercise a habit, bringing in a fun element can make it much easier to stick to. So making brushing fun can help build a healthy habit, making it easier for you as well.

Fun Keeps The Dental Problems Away

Whether it’s your child’s bad breath or a slow discolouration of his tooth that you’re worried about, making everyday brushing a fun and enjoyable experience can help you stay ahead of these problems! Kid-friendly toothpastes like Colgate Kids Toothpaste, with cartoon-themed packs of Motu Patlu and Barbie, can help you make brushing fun while also ensuring the protection your child’s teeth need.

Finally, it is our duty as parents to ensure oral hygiene in order to protect our child’s smile. Brushing is unavoidable, but it’s up to us - we can either take 2 minutes of our time to make it fun and build healthy habits or keep it boring and struggle every day to make our kids brush. So now that you know better, we are sure that you too will make the best decision for your little one’s smile!

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