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Budget Friendly DIY Room Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

You might be bored of looking at the same old walls with the same old art but redecorating is not an easy task. Which is why we put together a bunch of DIY’s that’ll add a spark to your home but not a hole to your wallet.

Ombre wreath

Is your bedroom door plain and boring? Here’s how you can add a pop of colour to it using this unbelievably stylish yet easy wreath.

You will need - Scissors, Cardboard, Glue (preferably hot glue gun), coloured paper, pen

1. Find two circular objects of different sizes. Here a small plate and a large plate is used.

2. Draw the outline of these objects onto a cardboard and then cut out the centre so that the ring remains.

3. Fold the coloured paper 4 times and cut out leaf patterns from it. Now fold the leaf along a centre vertical line and then make slits at the side for a few of them.

4. Adding these leaves onto the cardboard using glue. Use different colours that are lighter or darker than the first colour used to give it an ombre effect. Layer them up to give more depth and to cover all parts of the cardboard.

Tassel pom pom garland

Plain wall? No problem! A bright garland is just what you need to add that pop of colour. You can even use garlands above your headboard.

You will need - Pom poms, tassels, thread, needle, hooks.

1. You can even make pom poms and tassels using woollen threads but they are also available in the market for really cheap.

2. All you need to do is stitch them together on a thread with hooks on the end and make this garland. You can vary the size of this garland and make it as colourful as you wish.

Galaxy in a jar

For all the coffee tables, bookcases and shelves, an aesthetic item to add is a galaxy jar. Here’s how you can do it:

You will need - Mason jar, cotton, silver glitter, acrylic paints (aqua blue, dark blue, purple, pink)

1. Add water to four cups and add a little bit of the acrylic paint (different colours for different cups). Mix them well.

2. Add cotton into the mason jar and sprinkle glitter over it. Pour the coloured water on top of the cotton. Do this multiple times by layering cotton, glitter and coloured water until the mason jar is completely filled.

3. Close the mason jar and you can add a small chalkboard paper with a cute little message to tie it all up. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

Abstract art

Who doesn’t want a colourful abstract art hanging on their walls? But they’re not exactly cheap and can be a pain for normal people like us. Here’s how you can make this abstract easily right in your home:

You will need - Wax crayons, canvas, hair dryer.

1. You know how there are tons of wax crayons that are either broken or too old for your child to use, you can use them for this DIY. Similarly, you can also use a canvas that is already there in your house or get a painting for cheap and paint it over with white or black acrylic paint.

2. Place broken pieces of these crayons and using your hair dryer on the highest heat setting, melt the crayons into different shapes and sizes until the entire board is covered.

3. You can play with different colours and personalize it as you wish.  

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