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Broken Nose: What You Need To Know

Children love playing outside and this means that they will probably get hurt often too. It is our duty to ensure that they get the right kind of first aid in order to recover properly. A minor bruise requires nothing but a wash, an antiseptic and some bandage. Dettol can be used to clean the wound thoroughly before you dress it. But apart from minor cuts, scrapes and wounds, kids can also suffer from a sprain or a fracture. 

A nose fracture is a common injury linked with playing outdoor games like basketball, cricket or even football. It is when one or more nasal bones are broken. Adults are more likely to get a nasal fracture than children are since an adult’s nasal bones are easier to fracture. If your baby has a nasal fracture, rush them to the hospital immediately. Babies can only breathe through the nose so if a nose is broken, they would find it difficult to breathe. 

NOTE: Dealing with your child’s injury can be scary at first. The key is to remain calm, take a deep breath and deal with it.

Signs that your child has a fracture

If your child gets a fracture, their nose would hurt and have a swelling. Their nose might appear distorted and may produce a cracking sound when you touch it. There might be some bruising on and around the nose - sometimes near the eye as well.

The facial area surrounding the nose would become tender and would thus, cause a lot of pain. If they have any difficulty in moving their eyes or if they have a hard time focussing their vision, rush them to the hospital immediately.

Treatment for nasal fracture at home

For toddlers and older kids, the treatment is the same. If the nose starts bleeding due to an injury, the child should be made to sit upright for some time. If your child is lying down, make sure their head is elevated.

This will help to reduce the swelling. You can then treat them with an ice pack.

At the hospital: Reduction

The doctor will guide you on what medicines need to be applied or ingested. They may need to perform a closed reduction. This is a medical procedure to set the bone without any surgery. It will allow the bone to grow back together and works best when done as soon as possible. Your child may have to take pills to numb down the pain while they heal.

In some cases, the child may have to get an open reduction done. An open reduction involves a surgery to move the bones to their place. A reduction is done with the help of general anaesthesia so that your child doesn’t feel the pain. After the reduction procedure is complete, your child might need a splint for their nose.

After the reduction

The procedure may change the way your child’s nose used to look but this can be fixed with a simple rhinoplasty. In case the nose is severely distorted or deformed, a septorhinoplasty may be required to repair the nose and ensure that the nasal airway is not blocked.

Once the nose starts the healing process, the doctor may recommend that your child should avoid sports for another 4-6 weeks. It is best to follow their advice as this is what is best for them. Their nasal bones are still quite fragile and they need time to heal and recover completely.

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