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Breastfeeding Struggles Nobody Talks About

Motherhood marks an exciting period of responsibility and care. This is also a time when women asks herself a lot of questions and feels caught up in a trap of awkward doubts. Breastfeeding is of utmost importance and plays a crucial part in the growth of a baby’s life. Breast milk provides the baby right nutrients to develop bone structure. It is not often that you hear a conversation about breastfeeding. There are a lot of struggles associated with breastfeeding and it is important for a mother to be prepared for it. Here is a list of common struggles a breastfeeding mother goes through :

Fear of not having enough breast milk

Feeding the baby is always a mother’s first priority. There is a constant fear that there won’t be enough milk produced in your body to feed your baby. The fear is a result of care and it is not unusual for moms to be scared of this. It takes determination and always be patient.

Getting the baby latched

Breastfeeding is entirely different from bottle feeding and the struggles associated with the breastfeeding are really stressful. Mothers often find it difficult to find a proper position to feed their babies. But this will get easier with experience. Holding the baby at a comfortable position can be of help. So don’t be afraid to try new holds and preferably use a breastfeeding stool.

Breast infections

Mastitis or breast infections are one of the most painful things to endure. Breast infections usually results from clogged ducts. Always look out for early warning signs of breast infections that include warm red spots or flu-like symptoms. Consult a doctor as early as possible. You might need antibiotics for this. Also following tips could be used to prevent mastitis:

-Use a warm compress on areas where the ducts are clogged.

-Get sleep and reduce stress.

-Turmeric pills can help you to a certain extent.

-Massage in a circular motion on the clogs.

Sore nipples

Many women get sore nipple although it goes away eventually. You could have a sore nipple due to the type of bra that you use or even due to awkward latches. Find a bra that fits you correctly. There are products available to help you relieve from the soreness.

Breastfeeding comes with a lot of struggles associated with it and every mother has to be aware of all the struggles to be prepared well enough to tackle the struggles. However,these struggles are totally worth it and it is something every mother has to endure. Motherhood requires a lot of sacrifices and this is just one of it. Also share all your struggles with a doctor and get help when necessary. Enjoy motherhood!    


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