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Breastfeeding Secrets Every New Mom Should Try

Breastfeeding may come naturally to some, but some new moms may face some discomfort during the process. It would help to remember that a lot of moms face pain while breastfeeding but it’s important not to give up breastfeeding your child as mother’s milk is the most nutritious for a child. Instead, you could try these tips to make the process simpler and more comfortable for you and your baby.

1. Unlatching your baby

After your little one is done breastfeeding, do not pull them away forcefully or immediately. This would hurt you as they would still be latched onto your nipple. Instead, try inserting your finger into their mouth. This creates an air vacuum that makes it easier for your little one to let go and eases the pain on your behalf.

2. Multiple uses of breastmilk

After you’re done breastfeeding, apply some of the breast milk on the nipple. This helps to reduce the soreness and give you some relief in case of pain. You should even apply some breastmilk before the breastfeeding session. It would make the area moist and the smell may attract your little one and help them latch on without any difficulties. 

3. Pumping

If your baby is sucking on your right breast, pump the left breast simultaneously. During the next feeding, have your little one suck on the other breast that was being pumped before. Keep switching so increase balance.

4. Breast shells

While breastfeeding, your nipples may start to hurt and turn sore. During this time, any sort of contact with your nipple would cause you pain, even something as light as a cloth. The breast shells protect your nipples from any sort of friction or contact. You could even apply cream so it stays on longer.

5. Feed often

The more you feed, the more milk your body generates. So if you give up on breastfeeding in the middle due to pain or frustration, it could cause a further decrease in the amount of breastmilk generated. Ensure that you eat enough so your body has enough nutrition to suffice for you and your little one.


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