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Breastfeeding A Surrogate Child: Is It Possible?

As an intended mother, it is not impossible for you to breastfeed your child. You can experience the same bonding with your surrogate child with some proper preparation. It is possible for the new moms to have the experience of breastfeeding through induced lactation. Before we discuss how you can breastfeed your child, we shall see the challenges that you might face in the process. There are two main problems that present themselves while breastfeeding a surrogate child. 



The first problem is producing the breast milk and another one is to get your child to breastfeed. You should be reasonable with your expectations, as far as the production of breast milk is concerned, as the majority of intended mothers are not able to produce the amount of milk a baby requires, and so you will have to supplement the remainder. We are suggesting a few methods that will induce lactation and help you to produce milk so that you can breastfeed your child.

Talk with your doctor:

The first thing to do for any intended mother who wishes to breastfeed is not express her desire to her doctor. This is important so that the doctor can start or stop medications that will help in inducing the lactation. This will also prepare the delivery team to finger feed the baby or by a cup, in case you are not able to nurse the baby immediately after birth.

Start taking hormones:

Three to four months prior to the baby’s birth, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a combination of progesterone and estrogen hormones. These hormones trick the body into thinking that you are pregnant. Thus, they will help you to produce breast milk. These hormones are taken up until six weeks before the birth. However, it is advised to consult your doctor about dosage and duration of the treatment.

Replacing hormones with medications:

In the later stages of pregnancy, the doctor may stop the dosage of hormones replacing them medications and herbal supplements that will help in continuing the production of milk.

Use a pump:

After you are done with the hormonal treatment and are using herbal supplements, get a pump and start pumping. Gradually increase the duration and frequency until you are able to produce milk. You should be able to increase your supply gradually following the advice of your doctor and the induced lactation methods.

Supplement your milk and start nursing:

Although it is made possible to induce lactation, as said above, most mothers will not be able to produce milk enough to sustain a child on their own. To tackle this challenge, intended mothers often use a supplemental nursing system (SNS). It ensures that the baby is getting the full amount of milk required by him or her. Simply pour supplemental or donated breast milk (obtained from the surrogate mother, or the milk you have pumped and stored earlier) into the container and tape the tubes to your breast. The baby then gets all the milk you are producing along with the supplemental milk from SNS. This gets the baby used to breastfeed and at the same time ensures that he or she is getting the required amount of milk.

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