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Breast Milk Is The Perfect Natural Nutrition That Your Baby Needs

Nature has its own way of making miracles happen. One of the most wonderful creations is that of a woman as she is able to procreate a new life within herself and nurture the baby. Every woman’s breast milk and its nutrition is unique by nature and as a matter of fact, her breasts were destined to serve their purpose of providing nutrition and nourishment to her baby from the second the baby is born.

When you breastfeed your baby, you must have realized how closely your baby attaches herself to you. This skin to skin contact helps in establishing a beautiful blossoming bond with your little one!

The first milk that oozes out of the breasts is known as colostrum. It is thick in proportion and that’s why your baby will need only a small amount of feeding each time. It is rich in antibodies which help the baby in building an immunity and fight against diseases and infections.

The colostrum also contains complex carbohydrates, proteins, polyunsaturated fats, vitamins, oligosaccharides, nucleotides, and minerals which are a perfect combination of the nutrient blend for the right growth and development of the baby.

The mother’s milk is exclusively designed for babies as they contain all the necessary natural nutrients which are needed for the first 6 months of growth and development. It is highly recommended that babies have to be on breast milk for as long as it is possible because breastmilk is not just nutritious but it can be digested easily since it contains partially hydrolyzed proteins. Therefore, babies are less likely to have stomach problems like indigestion, constipation or even diarrhea! Moreover, it will help in preventing the risk of diabetes and obesity in adulthood.

Studies have also concluded that immunity builders and boosters are present in the breast milk only exclusively. Scientists believe that babies who were provided with different kinds of milk except breastmilk are more prone to develop allergic reactions to food.

Breast milk contains a secretory agent ‘IgA’ which gives immunity to the baby’s intestines. Without this layer, there are high chances of inflammation occurring on the wall of the intestines and cause allergic reactions.

The other wonderful part about breastfeeding is that mothers food intake significantly affects the nutritional value of breastmilk. Therefore, it is essential that you consume healthy and nutritious food items so that you can give your baby the best nutrition! Your breastmilk is precious for your baby. It is important that you provide them with your breast milk as it is the best form of natural nutrition for your little one. Also, be cautious of what you feed to your baby. Mother’s milk is the perfect nutrition for an infant, in absence of the same try giving nutrition that’s closest to it.

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