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Are you still trying to live up to the stereotype of perfect pregnancy? Many pregnancy books claim that by eating right and taking all the right vitamins you can turn your pregnancy into a walk in the park. Yet, in reality, pregnancy is tough. There is no hard and set rule to keep others in awe of you by being the ‘perfect pregnant woman.’ Every woman’s body is different and there will be many times during your pregnancy that you won’t be feeling your best. Here are a few pregnancy stereotypes which you must break to breeze through pregnancy and let your body decide for itself what it wants.

Magical pregnancy unicorn

Many women don’t have a clear idea of what to expect when they’re expecting. They read the pregnancy handbooks where the women love being pregnant and this confuses them as to why their body is reacting so differently. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t partially or even entirely enjoy being pregnant. Even if you get knocked off your feet with constant tiredness and nausea, just remember the negative bits of pregnancy will take you towards the joyous ride of it.

Stay away from the bundle of advice

While you’re pregnant the greatest pressure comes from others’ expectations. When other people find out that you’re pregnant they start pouring in their advice which can easily confuse you in making the choices that are right for you. Try to focus on decisions by listening to your body. Don’t cease to be a warrior goddess throughout your pregnancy just because people have compelled you to do it ‘perfectly.’ When it comes to decisions around your body, never listen to others. It might be that you’re already doing it perfectly when you’re littered with advice and criticism from others. After all, you know yourself best.

Pregnancy niggles are fun

Having you ever heard women claiming that pregnancy niggles were fun for them to cope up? It’s an absolute lie because you have to go through extreme highs and lows during pregnancy. Sometimes, you might even have to face crippling exhaustion. You won’t be glowing and happy all the time and have to deal with endless pregnancy niggles each day. Just remember to talk to your trusted friends and relatives when the mood swings as well as anxiousness are getting in the way of your life.

The slightest of touch can harm the baby inside the womb

Your baby is already protected and cushioned from minor bumps as well as stumbles in the uterus. You don’t need to be overly stressed if you lightly bump your head on the wall or change your sleeping position a bit roughly. Your baby is safe in the abdominal layer and a minor accident won’t pose a great threat to him/her. But if you’re experiencing vaginal bleeding or cramps - then it becomes extremely important to contact your doctor immediately.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations about your pregnancy by holding on to the experiences of others. We all have our differences and even when you follow the routine of the perfect pregnant woman your body won’t behave likewise. All pregnancies are different and you need to learn from your own experiences, listening to your own inner voice.

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