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BREAKING NEWS!! 28-Year Old Man Raped His 8-Month-Old Cousin

A 28-year old man raped his 8-month-old cousin in Delhi on 28th January 2018. The baby girl’s mother works as in the field of domestic help and her father is a manual labourer.

The man assaulted his 8-month-old cousin when her parents had gone for their respective jobs. According to the reports, before going to work, the mother had left her 2 daughters with their other family members, who lived on the ground floor of the same building. Apparently, he told the family that he was taking her out to play with her. Unfortunately, this crazy man took the infant and carried her with him to another part of the building.

In the evening of the same day, the 8-month-old’s mother returned to find something shocking!!! Her baby was helplessly bleeding and unconscious. The mother immediately informed about this horrific incident to her husband and everybody else in the family.

The infant was rushed to the hospital and the doctors said that her condition was critical. Soon, the doctors informed the police about what had happened. The 28-year -old cousin became the police’s prime suspect as his role in this whole scenario became evident since he was the only one who was last seen with her.

Moreover, he fled the scene right after, which made it pretty clear that he had done this heinous deed. The police who was handling this case said, “ "He allegedly sexually assaulted the toddler. When the baby girl fell unconscious and started bleeding, he panicked and fled."

The disgusting cousin who raped the infant was traced and arrested the next morning (29th January 2018). He confessed about his crime after a lot of interrogation.

The baby was shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on 1 February 2018 for better treatment and care. But her condition is still critical.

What are we really turning into? This is a SHAME to all humans. Why are people being so heartless and ruthless? Why are we turning into such disgusting creatures? That little girl was his baby cousin and he didn’t even spare her life. Men like him don’t deserve to even be born and walk on the earth.

We really hope that justice is served and he gets what he deserves. We also pray for the healing of that little soul and pray for that family who living every parent’s worst nightmare. 

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