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Bread Roll With An Avocado-Cheese Twist

For a mother, be it working or stay-at-home, time is always precious. In spite of her hectic schedule, a mother always prefers to feed her family and especially children, homemade foods. However, spending hours in the kitchen can be quite a headache. For all such busy Indian moms, here is a quick, easy, tasty, and healthy recipe that is sure to keep her family and children all happy, wanting for more. In addition to being easy, this recipe is also healthy and a must try in every mom's kitchen.


Ingredients Required:

 - 2-3 slices of bread (for health purposes, you can use brown instead of white bread)

 - Avocado

 - Grated cheese

 - Salt to taste

 - Pepper powder

 - Egg whites (2-3)

 - Breadcrumbs

 - Parsley, thyme, and some dried herbs

 - Cooking oil


 - Take the bread slices and cut out the edges.

 - Scoop out the avocado in a bowl and add some grated cheese and a pinch of salt to it. Mix the ingredients well.

 - In another bowl, take the egg whites, add a pinch of salt, pepper, dried herbs and parsley leaves and beat into a fine batter.

 - Take a slice of bread, dip it in water and then carefully press the bread slice to drain all the water out.

 - Now add the avocado cheese mixture to the bread and roll it.

 - Dip the bread roll in the egg white batter and then roll it in the breadcrumbs.

 - In a pan, add some cooking oil. Once the oil is warm, slowly add the bread rolls and deep dry.

 - Your healthy and tasty bread roll is ready to be served and savoured with delight.

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