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Best Old Fashioned Trending Baby Boy Names: February Edition

What’s in a name, you might ask. Well, it is the most important feature you will be recognised by and every individual deserves the name that fits them the best.

Every mother invariably will have a truckload of names which she would have thought for her baby. It may be a boy, it may be a girl but only once the baby is born can she decide what to call her little prince or princess!

One thing that’s trending currently in 2018, is the name game. Most of the mommies are opting for the traditional and old-fashioned names as they seem extremely classy and smart for the baby. Wondering what to name your little man? Here are a few suggestions to choose from:


Indra means ‘conqueror of Indra’. It is a combination of the God’s name Indra and Sanskrit word Jeet, meaning ‘victory’.


It means as pure and swan. It also happens to be another name for a supreme soul (Brahman)


It means bravery and the hand of Lord Karna. A man as strong as a warrior but kind at heart.


This name is quite a popular one for generations now. It is the name of a famous Sufi saint. The name means ‘great’.


It is a well renowned name of Lord Shiva and it is tremendously gaining popularity. It means ‘remover of pain’.


It is another popular name which means ‘pole star’. It is the perfect name for parents who want to name their baby after an astrological phenomenon.


A classic traditional and a favourite name amongst parents as it is associated to the legendary character of The Mahabharata. The name represents the qualities that the parents wish to see in their son. It means honor, courageous and bright.


The name Siddharth will be every parent’s #1 choice because it is eternally awesome! It means the ‘one who has many accomplishments to his credit’


It is a reference to Lord Shiva and it denotes ‘Blue’. It is a variation of the authentic name ‘Neel’. Isn’t it a lovely twist given to a traditional name!


It was the name of Arjuna's son from The Mahabharata. You can call him ‘Abhi’ as it is short, sweet and cute!

Good luck, naming your little prince! :D 

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