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Best Foods To Help With Weight Loss After Pregnancy

weight loss after delivery

Pregnancy is an extremely difficult time for women. Mood swings, changes in physical appearance, unprecedented weight gain and of course, the prospect of labour pain. Not only during pregnancy, but a woman’s diet after delivery also needs to be closely monitored to ensure a healthy recovery. A weight loss diet alone doesn’t fit the bill, it has to be a healthy diet to lose weight. It’s the responsibility of the husbands to help their spouses to look after their weight loss after delivery in the healthiest way possible. The ones who love their wives a little bit too much will go to the extent of making a diet chart for weight loss all by themselves. Husbands like these raise the bar for all the other men in the world. The topics covered in this article hope to serve the needs of men, women and children- anybody who wants to help someone who’s just delivered a baby!

Table Of Content

‣ Why Does One Gain Weight After Pregnancy?

‣ Best Foods To Help With Weight Loss After Delivery

‣ Postnatal Diet Chart For Weight Loss

‣ What Foods To Avoid After Delivery

Why Does One Gain Weight After Pregnancy?

weight loss after delivery

Women tend to gain weight after pregnancy which is why their diet after delivery becomes extremely important. The reason why women gain weight after pregnancy is actually quite obvious. When the baby is born, for a few years the mother’s life ceases to exist. While there may be some women who do not agree with this statement but it’s a fact- the birth of a baby changes the mother’s lifestyle. Suddenly, the days are too short and the nights are too long. There’s no time to look after one’s postnatal diet. There’s no time to sleep even. The fall in activity levels after delivery is one of the main reasons why women gain weight after pregnancy.

Age is another factor that results in weight gain. Age brings about a change in one’s eating habits and it also ruins the sleep cycle. To sum it all up, the older the woman, the greater the possibility of her gaining weight after pregnancy.

Best Foods To Help With Weight Loss After Delivery

weight loss after delivery

To lose the weight gained after pregnancy, it’s critical to create a sort of ‘diet chart for weight loss’. Creating a diet chart for weight loss gives the entire weight loss process direction. Maintaining a diet after delivery is extremely hard mainly because, after nine months of cravings, it gets hard for your body to refuse the cravings. While losing weight is important so is your health. Try to go for a healthy diet to lose weight.

The best foods to include in your postnatal diet chart are:

‣ Fruits: Breakfast is an extremely important meal for you. Include a fruit in your breakfast daily but you have to do a little bit more than that. A healthy diet to lose weight includes five portions of fruit in a day.

‣ Fibre Rich Foods: Every meal must have one fibre-rich food. Whole-wheat bread is an excellent example. Instead of eating regular bread, eat whole-wheat bread instead. Few other examples include oats, lentils, apples, corn etc.

‣ Starch Foods: Starchy food is just another word for carbohydrates. At least one-third of your daily weight loss diet must include carbohydrates. Let it be pasta, bread or roti- that’s for you to choose from.

‣ Proteins: It’s scientifically proven that when proteins are a part of one’s weight loss diet, they play the role of increasing metabolism. Some healthy proteins also reduce one’s appetite thus, facilitating weight loss after pregnancy. Examples of such protein foods include Eggs, fish, nuts, chicken, dairy products etc.

‣ Health-Friendly Snacks: Immediately after pregnancy, it’s hard to say no to your cravings and that’s okay! However, with that being said, if you are keen to on maintaining a postnatal diet to help with some weight loss after delivery- you need to make a change. Stock up on healthy snacks. Avoid eating junk. Replace chips with vegetables, chocolates with granola bars, namkeen with nuts!

‣ Drink Lots Of Water: Whether you are trying to lose weight after delivery or at any other random time- water really helps an individual lose their weight. Multiple studies have confirmed the positive influence that drinking water has on losing weight. A person going on a weight loss diet must drink at least 1-2 litres of water everyday.

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Postnatal Diet Chart For Weight Loss

weight loss after delivery

Going on a weight loss diet requires commitment and to help with weight loss after delivery you need to strictly follow the set diet. How badly you want to lose weight is the most important factor here! The postnatal diet is basically a healthy diet for weight loss after delivery. The diet chart for weight loss is given below:

‣ Vegetables (4-6 servings)

‣ Proteins (3-4 servings)

‣ Fruits (2-3 servings)

‣ Grains (2 servings)

‣ Dairy products (2 servings)

‣ Water (1-2 liters)

‣ Extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil or canola oil

To support the postnatal diet, a lot of doctors will tell you to take supplements. Whether you want to take them or not completely depends on your comfort level. But the different kinds of supplements that are included in a weight loss diet are:

P.S: Supplements are not mandatorily included in a diet chart for weight loss.

‣ Multi-vitamin supplements

‣ Vitamin D3

‣ Omega 3s

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What Foods To Avoid After Delivery

weight loss after delivery

Maintaining a diet after delivery is not easy. If it were, there would be no need for you to read this article. Eating the above-mentioned food items along with all the other junk will not help you lose weight after delivery. The success of a postnatal diet is determined not only by what you eat but also by what you don’t eat. With that being said, the food items listed below are not fit to be incorporated into a healthy diet to lose weight:

‣ Avoid Drinking Alcohol: The problem with alcohol is that it is stuffed with calories thereby, making it a must-avoid for anyone who is on a weight loss diet. Studies have shown that women who drink a lot of alcohol after delivery experience a temporary reduction in breast milk volume. The cons don’t end there. If we were to look away from the weight loss problem, when women drink alcohol, the alcohol gets absorbed into their breast milk thus, when babies drink the breast milk of such women they are also in taking a certain amount of alcohol.

‣ Avoid Processed Foods: Anybody who is going on a healthy diet to lose weight has to avoid eating highly processed foods. Majority of the processed foods are packed with sugar, salt, fats and calories! Enough said, that itself makes it quite straightforward!

‣ Avoid Sugar: Yes, avoid sugar- this tests your resolve better than anything else. If you can avoid sugary substances, your weight loss diet will mostly be successful. Most people hit a roadblock here. Sugary substances are high in calories and lack essential nutrients that are found in healthy foods. Hence, they have to be avoided by all those who are looking to maintain a healthy diet to lose weight.


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