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Best Foods That Should Be In Every New Mom's Kitchen

When I became a new mom, a lot of things started to change. My baby boy became the centre of my universe and he also became my husband’s favourite new companion. My duties aren’t restricted to taking care of the household chores and my husband anymore - I have to look after this delicate, little bundle of joy too! Part of taking care of my little prince is to look after my own health. I am breastfeeding him and the quality of my breast milk depends on the kind of food I eat so it only makes sense to make healthy food choices. And as part of this concern for my family, I always keep a few food items stocked up. 

Here are some things that I make sure I always have at home:

1. Yoghurt And Other Dairy Products

My doctor once explained to me that a newborn’s baby’s tummy doesn’t contain any of that healthy bacteria that it needs for proper gut functioning. It obtains this healthy bacteria from the breast milk that you feed them. You may know that yoghurt is a dairy product that contains enough probiotics and prebiotics required for a healthy tummy. So make sure you eat enough yoghurt. Other dairy products like cheese and milk are also really beneficial for breastfeeding moms.

2. Seasonal Fruits And Veggies

When I feel hungry during the day, I reach out for a fresh, crunchy fruit or vegetable rather than an unhealthy snack. It’s easier when I keep a big bowl of washed fruit in plain sight so that it seems as accessible as a bar of chocolate. Every fruit and vegetable contains different nutrients so make sure you have a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can even use them in various dishes that you prepare (Curries, custard, fruit salad, pulao, etc).

3. All Kinds Of Grains

As with fruits and vegetables, every grain contains a different nutrition profile. So I always try to mix it up and include different grains for each meal. Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains helps a lot with this. It contains the nutritional goodness of soya, psyllium husk, oat, wheat, channa and maize. I know if I make rotis with this atta, I am already covering 5 major grains and gaining all their nutrients. So make sure you have this with you. Want to order it now? Click here

4. Lean Proteins

After I gave birth to my baby, I noticed that my body was weaker than before. This was not something that I was mentally prepared for. My doctor advised that I consume enough proteins, more specifically, lean proteins to help my body in the recovery process. So I started including dal, paneer, beans and soya in my meals to ensure that I get enough proteins everyday. Meat eaters can rely on other sources of protein such as chicken and fish although you should steer clear of fish that have high mercury levels (mackerel, shark, swordfish, etc)

5. Occasional Treat

Although I should stay away from junk food, I don’t really cut it out completely. I just make sure to buy it in limited amounts so that I don’t end up binge eating them. When you go out shopping, instead of buying those big packets of chips or cookies, buy a couple of small packets. This will help keep you in control.

Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains

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