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Best Expert Teething Remedies For Babies

Did you know that your baby will need lots of cuddles to win the distress of the teething process? There is no set limit for teething in babies. Sometimes it might occur in the first year and sometimes near six months. Teething pain can turn even the most relaxed baby into a cranky one. Sharp teeth emerging for the first time seems like a hot mess in their mouth. So how can you make your sweet baby feel comfortable and relaxed during the teething process? Here are some secret teething remedies to help relieve your baby’s pain.   

Bite and Chew Cut Teeth

Sometimes the best way to alleviate the pain of teething is by chewing on something. The more biting and chewing your little angel does prior to cutting a tooth the less painful will be the teething process. If your baby’s gummy grin is giving him thunder volt then the teething toys can also provide him instant relief. There are lots of options such as silicone teething rings, Sophie the giraffe which is the best teething toy and other safe and nontoxic ones. These toys can make your little one’s journey to that point, um, cuter.

The chilly cloth cure

If your baby is suffering from the problem of aching gums then using cold and pressure can give him instant relief. You can try anything such as a frozen washcloth, a cold spoon, frozen fruits, and veggies, and let your baby chew on it. The cold numbs the aching tooth and the pressure soothes the inflamed gums. Just be aware that your baby will need a cooler treat to let the pain disappear in a go.

Herbal remedies are the best

Herbal remedies have been used by parents since ages to help ease their baby’s teething pain. You can either use clove which is a natural anesthetic, chamomile which soothes gum irritation or rosehip tea which has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your baby’s immune system. Either put these herbs while making tea, give them to your baby as a beverage or dab some oil onto your baby’s gum. The magic of these herbs will give your baby long-lasting relief and make his teething journey comfortable and pain-free.

Brush early

A soft baby toothbrush can be a great arsenal to help your baby win the battle of teething process. Even when he is not showing teething yet, he’ll love biting down on the bristles of the toothbrush. And the best thing when his teeth will be ready to push through, he’ll enjoy brushing teeth as he’ll be used to the feeling.

Teething necklaces

Teething necklaces work wonders for babies who are going through the tough phase of teething. You can buy a silicone teething necklace which has anti-inflammatory property and can soothe sore gums. While your baby is sitting in your lap or a baby carrier he can easily fiddle with it while you’re nursing them. Another great thing about them is that nobody would be able to differentiate them as a teething tool. They’re stylish enough to lure people in a wink! 

There’s nothing cuter than your baby’s pearly white teeth peeking out. But what if it’s turning your baby into a cranky lad day and night? Follow these tips to alleviate a lot of discomforts, making your baby’s teething journey trouble free and less miserable.

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