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Best Breastfeeding Positions That You Must Try

Breastfeeding is one of the most important parts of both the mother and the baby’s life. Yet, breastfeeding can often be difficult for new moms while it is always a new thing for the little one. But, given the amount of importance this holds for both the baby and mother, it is only necessary that you put in all your effort. Also, it has been recommended by doctors all across the globe that for at least the first 6 months, the baby should be fed on only breastmilk. The nutrients present in breastmilk are what help give strength to the baby initially and are also crucial in developing their immune system. We know it can often be difficult for you to breastfeed your little one. And thus, to help you through we have made a list of the best breastfeeding positions that you can use.

1. Cradle hold

This is one of the basic holds that is taught to a mother. This hold works well for full-term babies. You can use this position when the little ones are at least a month old as they require stronger neck muscles. Sit comfortably, either on a chair with good armrests or on a bed with enough pillows and support your back and your arms. If you’re feeding on the right side, hold the baby with the right arm. Support the head with the crook of the same arm and use your left hand to support the breast.

2. Cross-cradle hold

This hold is similar to the cradle hold and differs only in the way the arm is used. It is more convenient for mom when the baby has trouble latching on. Sit comfortably and support your back and your arms. Lay the baby on its side and use a pillow to bring it to the right height. If you are feeding on the right breast, use the palm of your left hand to support the baby’s head and support the baby’s back with the other hand.

3. The side lying hold

It is the most favourable position when the moms themselves are lying on the bed and need to feed the baby. Many moms have also reported that they feel less tired while feeding in this position. Lie on your right side with your baby facing you. Place the baby on your side and support his/her body with your right arm and the head with your right hand. You can also support the head in the crook of your arm. The baby should not be on its back or twist to reach the nipple. Also, support your own head with a pillow or your arm to avoid neck pain.

4. The upright hold

This hold is especially recommended when the baby is slightly older and if they have any breathing problem. It is also convenient when the milk flow from the breast is faster. Sit upright and cross-legged with a good backrest. Place the baby in an upright position as well and facing you. You can take support using a thigh or knee. Support its head with one hand and hold your breast with the other. Make readjustments depending on the baby’s length, your breast size, and your height.

5. The laid-back hold

This position is optimum for mothers to relax and for babies to develop their reflexes and find their way into the new atmosphere. When your baby latches on, in full body contact, and begins to suckle, the resulting nerve impulses cause the release of oxytocin, which results in better milk production. Recline into a halfway comfortable position on a bed or couch using a pillow. In the case of natural birth, place your baby with the face near your breast and feet near your thigh. In the case of a C-section, place him/her on your chest or across your shoulder to avoid touching the wound. Babies should be on their tummy for this position.


Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriately certified medical or healthcare professional.


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