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Besan Face Packs: 15 Interesting Ways To Use Besan For Skin

If health is lost, a major part of your life is lost! And your skin is a direct reflector of your health. Everything you eat and in any way you maintain your health, it is straight away reflected by the condition of your skin. It is important to take good care of this protective layer because it is very much prone to minor infections.

One multipurpose solution for skin is gram flour aka besan in Hindi! If you start exploring, you will find innumerable benefits of besan for face and many besan face packs to attend to different skin issues. It is important to switch to natural ingredients when it comes to skin care because we already expose our skin to various chemicals in the form of pollution and cosmetics.

In this blog, we will provide a well-researched piece of write up about the benefits of besan for skin. Let’s start exploring some interesting facts about gram flour.

Table Of Content

‣ What Is Gram Flour Or Besan?

‣ 15 Amazing Benefits Of Besan For Skin

‣ Top 5 Besan Face Packs

‣ Side Effects Of Gram Flour On Face

What Is Gram Flour Or Besan?

Besan or gram flour


Gram flour or besan is also known as chickpea flour. It is the finely powdered form of Bengal gram. It is the third most important staple ingredient in India after rice and wheat. These are coarse in nature and have zero cholesterol. Including gram flour in diet prevents atherosclerosis heart disease by absorbing the cholesterol from body and walls of the heart.

Despite being finely powdered, it is so fibrous that it improves digestion without making you feel heavy about your meal. Some types of Indian breads in Rajasthan are made from besan and they taste really good. Besan has amazing oil absorption property and hence, it is good for skin of all types.

15 Amazing Benefits Of Besan For Skin

Since you all must be very eager to get started with the beauty hacks, we are here with 15 power packed benefits of besan for face as well as the skin of other areas. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with it.

1. De-tanning Agent: Besan is considered as one of the best de-tanning agents for the skin. It has properties which remove the tanned skin by defoliating them. Gram flour easily adheres to the skin pores and dries up the tanned skin because it is already deficient in oil as compared to other areas. A regular use of besan will remove the tans quickly.

Besan face pack


2. Powerful Defoliating Agent: There is no other natural face pack or ingredient which can defoliate your dead skin cells better than gram flour. If you want to stick to a natural remedy for renewing your facial look on weekly basis, then besan is the ultimate solution for you.

3. Removes Excess Oil: Besan for skin is beneficial because one of the major roles it plays is the removal of oil. It completely absorbs the excess of oil and makes your skin perfectly soothing. Honestly, you will not need any scrub, facial or face pack if you make a habit of using besan regularly. Being said that, it is a blessing for people with oily who are also lazy in a corner of their mind.

4. Removes Facial And Body Hair: If you use besan for skin regularly, then you can remove your facial as well as body hair without razor or waxing. When you dry it for sometime and then wash the area, it will pull the weakened hair follicles. Hence, your face and body will get rid of unnecessary hair.

5. Besan For Pimples: Since we have already seen that it reduces the oil; it automatically clears the pore of the skin thereby preventing the accumulation of acne bacterium. It prevents the growth little eruptions on skin that grows into papules or acne. The best part about gram flour is that it doesn’t let the acne spread to another area.

6. Removes Acne And Pox Marks: If you have had severe acne eruption or chicken pox recently, then besan will do magic for your skin. It slowly separates the skin which has the mark from your normal skin and removes it layer by layer without applying any chemical compound. After a month, you will see that the marks have reduced significantly.

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Besan face pack


7. A Natural Bleach: Gram flour with thin curd is a perfect example of natural bleach. The lactobacillus present in curd does mild oxidation reaction on your face which lightens the colour of your facial hair. If you are about to go for a family function but have no time for facial or bleach, you can simply use the mixture of besan and curd over your face. It will create the difference that you can feel on your face.

8. Improves The Texture Of Skin: Besan is an effective scrub for your skin. If you have a texture face or lots of deep pores, then gram flour will help you improve your texture. Besan for face is not less than a boon. Regular application of gram flour with milk cream or simply milk before boiling and then washing it in a circular motion for 5 minutes around the area will give results.

9. Instant Fairness And Cleansing: Besan for skin whitening is one of the most common uses you will find in every Indian household. Before going to a party or during a trip, you can easily use this natural ingredient in the form of besan haldi face pack. It would be great if you use a natural haldi named Kasturi manjar instead of the one used in the kitchen. Even after coming from work or college, you can apply besan for skin rejuvenation.

10. Clears Blackhead And Whitehead Problem: When besan is used as a scrub, it cleanses the pores of the skin. It exfoliates and widens the pore and when you wash off your face, all your blackheads and whiteheads come out smoothly. Even if the sebum doesn’t come out immediately, it will be slowly removed if you wipe off your face using cotton damped with rosewater or chilled milk.

11. Skin Whitening In Rough Surfaces: You must be worried about the skin around your elbows and knees because they darken easily. Now, you can’t just use besan for face but also for the skin of other body parts. You can mix besan with cucumber juice or tomato juice and apply it over the area. Continue this scrub for a week and see the skin lightening effect from your own eyes.

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Besan face pack


12. Prevents Stretch Marks: When you decide to go for dieting for weight loss, you can start utilizing the benefits of besan for skin. So, when you are trying to lose or gain weight by changing your diet, your skin shrinks and expands to some extent. And at some places like upper arm, underarm, thighs, and belly, it becomes significantly visible. Hence, when you start dieting, you can use besan as scrub or face pack. It will nourish your skin and keep it intact.

13. Helps In Healing Of Scars, Burns And Inflammation: Being a natural agent and beneficial for skin, it has a property of keeping it sufficiently dry as well as cool. When you apply a thin, slurry-like paste of besan mixed with haldi on inflamed areas, you will see it heal faster. It nourishes the skin, makes it soft, and removes any pathogen that has affected it.

14. Stimulates Hair Growth And Reduces Dandruff: You will be amazed to know that besan is beneficial for your scalp too. It strengthens the keratin-binding with the scalp and prevents hair fall. Just like the skin, it absorbs the oil from the scalp and makes it better. On regular use for about 2 months, you will see that your dandruff issues have reduced to a greater extent. Make sure you don’t prepare a thick and viscous paste. Add more of liquid and maintain a slurry consistency.

15. Mini Facial With Besan For Skin At Home: Did you know about this trick? Now, you can use the benefits of besan for skin in a totally revolutionized manner. Add curd, turmeric, vitamin E capsule, and a little bit of water for batter-like consistency. Cleanse your face with chilled, raw milk first using a cotton pad. Apply it over your face and keep until it remains damp. Now, spray a little bit of rose water and start massaging. Wash your face with warm water and don’t use cream, soap, or facewash after that. You will experience a different glow in your skin.

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Top 5 Besan Face Packs

Besan face pack


In order to help you with the DIY preparation of besan face packs, here we have listed some amazing as well as easy besan face packs which can help you with your skincare schedule!

‣ Besan Face Pack For Acne Treatment Pack: Mix one teaspoon of besan with an equal amount of neem leaf paste and tulsi leaf paste. Add one teaspoon lemon juice and apply it all over your face. Wash it slowly without scrubbing. It will remove the oil and cure pimples alongside stopping its eruption again.

‣ Besan Face Pack For Skin Whitening: Make a paste of besan with milk and add lemon juice. You can also add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Apply it on the face and leave it for half an hour. Scrub your face while removing it with the help of water.

‣ Besan Face Pack For Refreshed Skin: Mix besan with rose water and add a half teaspoon of sandal powder. Apply a thin layer on face and wash it by wiping off with cotton or wet cloth. It acts as a coolant for your face.

‣ Besan Face Pack For Skin Energizing: Mix besan with rose water and add half teaspoon coffee powder. Apply a thin layer over skin and wash it by scrubbing it in circular movements. It clears the blocked pores of the skin and removes pollutant accumulated there.

‣ Besan Face Pack For And Scrub Skin Smoothening: Mix ground oats, a little bit of rice powder, honey, and lemon juice. Apply it on skin and massage gently for 10 minutes. Wash it with warm water and damp skin with rose water. Your skin will feel softer after this.

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Side Effects Of Gram Flour On Face

Side effects of besan


Like any other edible item or kitchen ingredient, even besan is prone to food adulteration. Let’s find out some facts related to side effects of besan for face and learn about the precautions that we can take.

‣ It is mixed with rice powder which is really rough for the face. Not many people adapt to the roughness of gram flour, hence, while scrubbing your skin may turn red.

‣ Also, while mixing the contents, make sure you check for any allergies. Don’t mix two particles who are dangerous in combined form. For example, don’t mix lemon juice with tomato juice because both of them are acidic and it may leave white patches on your face.

‣ Sometimes the besan is mixed with wheat flour and when you add water it forms jelly-like consistency in some forms. After applying on face, it dries up in such a way that it is difficult to remove it. Small flakes of wheat flour are accumulated which may pull your facial hair or body hair while removing. Make sure you notice such contamination before applying directly on face.

‣ Also, don’t use besan which has even one worm or grain pest. They might have excreted in the besan which might affect your skin. Avoid using the besan for skin which smells different from usual or pungent.

Hence, after pondering upon these benefits of besan for skin, we can certainly believe the power the natural ingredients. Just imagine, if this one natural powder can do so much for our skin, how healthy would it be if we completely switched to natural remedies!

We must feel privileged to have nature around us which has so much to offer. All we have to do is use the resources sustainably and in a smart manner and spread awareness about the same. Make a promise to your skin, that you will not expose it to harsh chemicals and let us know how it changed your skin for better!

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