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Benefits of having a pet for your child


How nice does it feel that for once you don’t need to give something a lot in order to get something in return? This is just one of the good qualities of a pet and I bet you would want such qualities in your child too.

There are no ‘ill-effects’ of having a pet. They bring happiness and make your family just a little bit bigger. Without knowing it they help your child, here are a few ways they do so:

1. Responsibility

Make sure you let them know that, that particular pet is THEIRS. This will develop a sense of ownership in them and they will look after it better. Giving them these small small responsibilities early on will help them immensely later on.

Responsible being the key word.


2. Better Health

A pet almost guarantees better health. With a pet at home your child should be encouraged to go outdoors and play with it. ( Unless it’s something like a fish) It’s the best way to get them off their couch and get some fresh air. Additionally research says that children that have cats and dogs at home are less likely to get ill.

This could definitely helps everyone’s fitness levels!


3. Social

When you have a pet at home and your child sees the same animal as somebody else’s pet, they find it easier to talk to that other person. This also helps them make new friends and form better social skills.

As social as facebook!


4. Strong emotional support

On days where your child feels its them against the world, they will have someone to look to. A pet can provide immense comfort and the child knows that they are someone they can trust. Seeing this, it nurtures a sense of caring in children.

What more do you need? Really?


5. Learning

If your child is really interested about his/her pet, it will encourage him to read about that animal which in turn helps them develop the habit of reading. Another benefit is that kids find it easier to read to their pet than their parent as they know that they are not going to be judged irrespective of how they read.

Books can be attractive like this!


6. Makes your family stronger

A pet becomes a member of your family. Everyone in the family cares for this new additional member and this in itself brings the family closer. It also helps to teach your child the value and importance of family and relationships.

Oh! What a happy family!


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