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Benefits And Side Effects Of Neem Oil For Hair Problems

neem oil for hair growth

Life isn’t perfect but who cares when you can have perfect hair? Life is too short to have a non-voluminous, unhealthy-looking, boring hair! So, why not take care of this richest ornament of your body and make it healthy and beautiful? The common question that pops up when you read the above statements is “How to do it?” Well, we have a Ramabaana!

Neem Oil - A saviour! Neem oil benefits are numerous just like the neem tree benefits. Neem oil for dandruff treatment, neem hair oil for hair growth, neem oil for healthy hair - these are just a few of the neem oil benefits. What are the other neem benefits? We will tell you in this blog!

Table of Contents

What Is Neem Oil?

Why Neem Oil For Hair?

How To Make Neem Oil?

What Is Neem Oil Used For?

Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth: Benefits Of Neem Oil For Hair

Neem Oil Side Effects


What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil. It is extracted from the tropical neem tree seeds. Scientifically, this neem tree is known with the name Azadirachta indica.

Neem oil is known for its pungent smell. And also, for its various benefits for the hair, skin and other health issues. The important properties which owe for neem benefits are - its antiseptic property, antifungal property, antipyretic and antihistamine properties. These properties are due to the compounds present in the neem oil - Azadirachtin, triterpenoid, fatty acids, vitamin E, calcium, limonoids, antioxidants, triglycerides.

Physically, neem oil colour varies based on the extraction method of this neem oil - from stark red to dark-brown. Neem oil has a sharp and pungent smell.

Why Neem Oil For Hair?

neem oil for hair problems

Aforesaid, Neem oil contains a high amount of vitamin E. The vitamin E of neem oil is an important antioxidant which nourishes the hair growth. Due to the way neem oil benefits the hair, it is also known as the best hair oil for hair growth. Neem oil is capable of keeping the moisture locked in your hair. This, in turn, assists your hair in looking beautiful and healthy.

How To Make Neem Oil?

neem oil for hair growth

Neem oil could be extracted in three methods. Cold-pressing method of extraction is a method in which the neem oil is extracted by crushing the neem seed kernel. Since the neem oil extracted this way is in its purest form, it is the most preferred extraction method.

Temperature control pressing is another method through which neem oil could be extracted. This method is similar to cold-pressing but done at a higher temperature, 40 to 50 °C.

The third method is the solvent extraction method. In this method, the neem oil is extracted from the seed, fruit or kernel of neem with the help of a solvent. The neem oil extracted by this method is not in the purest form and hence used mainly in soaps.

What Is Neem Oil Used For?

neem oil for hair problems

The safe but extremely potent, neem oil is a safe-herb which could be used to cleanse your body internally as well as externally. Neem oil uses are numerous. But if we categorise the uses, it could be - neem oil for skin, neem oil for hair, neem oil for overall health. A few neem lubricant uses among these categories are:


Applying Olive oil and neem oil on the minor cuts and wounds acts as antiseptic.

Controls pest:

A few drops of neem oil in the oil diffuser could shoo away the mosquitoes and other bugs.

Neem oil for skin:

The compounds present in the neem oil offer greater neem oil benefits for the skin. It slows down the ageing process and keeps your skin clean by fighting against the bacteria.

Hair care:

A few drops of neem oil in your shampoo for your regular hair care routine. It takes of your hair growth and gets rid of lice.

Prevents harmful diseases:

Mosquitoes are the carriers of disease-causing agents. Neem oil benefits you by treating the root cause of the issue and protects you from diseases.

Dental care:

Along with hair care and skin care, it could take care of your dental health too and keep away the tooth and gum related issues.

Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth: Benefits Of Neem Oil For Hair

neem oil for hair growth

“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge” Who wouldn’t love to have long, lustrous hair? And yet, most of us fail to realize the path to our destination - the beautiful hair locks, just like Rapunzel’s.

Neem oil is a one-man army who could fight against most of the hair issues. It is the best hair oil for hair growth and an unmatched hair-healer. Neem oil benefits your hair in the ways you haven’t even thought of and gets back all the attention your hair deserves. So, what are the neem oil benefits? Here is the list.

1. Dandruff:

Dandruff is a harmless chronic scalp condition. What causes dandruff? The greasy scalp, dry skin, sensitivity to the hair products, a few types of skin conditions and the yeast-like fungal infection. For all these cases, there is one go-to natural remedy. That is Neem Oil. Along with being best hair growth oil, it also treats your scalp and keeps all kind of hair issues at bay. The benefits of neem oil for hair include maintaining the pH level of the scalp and also improving the scalp health. This results in healthy scalp without dandruff.

neem oil for hair problems

2. Improves hair texture:

Along with being the best hair oil for hair growth, neem oil could also result in healthy scalp and hair. This hair growth oil has least side-effects and as a result, it will mostly be a win-win situation. The neem oil offers untangled and strong hair strands.

3. Promotes hair growth:

Since ancient times, the benefits of neem oil for hair has been recognized and appreciated. The oil extracted from neem tree benefits your hair by strengthening the roots of hair strands and accelerating the growth. It also counteracts the effects of hair thinning.

4. Treats head lice:

The strong smell of neem oil and its untangling property does wonders while treating the head lice. This all-natural, safest and the most effective way works in lice troubled hair locks.

neem oil for hair growth

5. Removes split ends:

Split ends end your hair growth. It stunts the growth of your hair making it frizzy and unmanageable. On the other hand, neem oil uses ends this agony. It moisturizes the hair from tip to root and repairs the hair cuticles. Of course, you will need a basic trimming though.

6. Treats frizzy hair:

Suffering from dull, lifeless and frizzy hair? Get neem oil treatment. It provides the frizzy hair with the shine and strength it deserves. How to use neem oil? Add a few drops of neem oil to your shampoo before every wash.

7. For a healthy scalp:

The root cause for all the hair problems is the issue with your scalp. Neem oil moisturizes the scalp and keeps it healthy.

Neem Oil Side Effects

neem oil for hair problems

Neem oil is possibly safe when used topically. But it might affect the people with sensitive skin. Neem oil might cause itchiness, redness and irritation at the site of application.

To save yourself from severe side effects of neem oil, it is best to use a diluted solution of neem oil and also perform a patch test. This helps you in assessing the risk of irritation.


Neem oil uses are enormous. And neem oil benefits are unmatchable. Dandruff? Choose neem oil! Hair lice? Neem oil! Frizzy hair? Neem oil! Dry scalp? Neem ka tel hai na? With so much of goodness hidden in this neem oil, it certainly deserves to be appreciated. But beyond everything, if you still have even the slightest of the doubts about the benefits of neem oil for hair, you know whom to consult and discuss - your doctor!

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