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Benefits And Side-effects Of Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Nothing can beat the excitement and the anticipation that a woman experiences during the nine months of her pregnancy. Everyone goes out of their way to ensure that the mother and yet-to-be-born baby enjoy good health. Emphasis is given to the diet so that the pregnant woman consumes more of nutritionally enriched foods that would eventually benefit both the mother and the baby. Many people are of the belief that herbal teas, especially organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, (especially the red one), does a pregnant woman a world of good.

Research suggests that drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy often plays a pivotal role in shortening the labour. While many may be apprehensive about the possible consequences, the health of both the mother and the baby are seldom affected by this. The wonder tea goes a long way to not only relax the uterine and the other body muscles but also tone them up (especially the uterine and pelvic muscles), thereby preparing the body for a smooth and hassle-free delivery.

-In fact, the raspberry leaf tea is also known to lower the incidences of either Pre or Post-term gestation to an appreciable extent.

-Laden with vitamins (A, C, E, and B), minerals (magnesium, iron, manganese, and calcium), natural antioxidants (tannins, ellagic acid, flavonoids, to name a few), the raspberry leaf tea is indeed a powerhouse of the essential nutrients, all of which are vital for the well being of the mother and the baby.

-If nausea and morning sickness has left you weak and fatigued, worry not! Regular consumption of raspberry leaf tea in moderation work wonders to alleviate nausea and the discomfort associated with morning sickness.

-The raspberry leaf tea also comes with some post-pregnancy benefits. As per some scientific studies and research, the raspberry leaf tea, laden with vital nutrients plays a catalytic role in stimulating and elevating the production of milk in lactating women significantly.

-The incidences of postpartum haemorrhage that some women may suffer from post-delivery can be lowered to some extent, all thanks to the raspberry leaf tea. However, research is still on and a proper scientific explanation is yet to be established on the same.

-In spite of its health benefits, it is best to consult your attending physician before including the raspberry leaf tea into your pregnancy diet chart. Further, the tea may not be a wise idea for

-Pregnant women who have a high blood pressure or Preeclampsia.

-Pregnant women who are on medications and drugs such as Metformin, Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine, Atropine, antidepressants, to name a few.

-The raspberry leaf tea is best left avoided for women who are pregnant with more than one baby such as twins or more. The tea is also a BIG NO NO!! in case the doctor suspects breech birth or breech baby (a condition where the baby is born with the bottom instead of the head first).

-To play it safe, refrain from drinking the raspberry leaf tea during the first trimester. In fact, drinking the tea after the 36th week (preferably the organic one) would be more beneficial, though you can have it earlier if recommended by the doctor.

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