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Before Pregnancy Phase – Things To Track

Those two pink lines are the brightest pink lines in a woman’s life. A new journey will start with those two lines. Every woman in the world wants to be a mother and wants to enjoy motherhood. We all know carrying a baby for nine months isn’t a simple task. It takes all your strength. Keeping the happiness of motherhood in mind, a woman enters into this new world. The more you are healthier, the more you will enjoy.

During pregnancy, we all have heard about the things to do, things not to do, things to keep track over, food to eat, food not to eat and much more. But! No one tells us about the things to do before pregnancy. If a woman wants to enjoy pregnancy time then she must take care of herself before pregnancy. Today in our blog, we are going to discuss what to do before pregnancy.

1) Maintaining Haemoglobin levels

It is very important to keep track of your Hb, at least once before conceiving. Most of the woman face low haemoglobin problem during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your HB level starts to decrease from first trimester itself as part of your blood flows into the baby and if your haemoglobin level is already less than you are going to face many problems. Low Hb can cause several health issues for both mother and baby and interrupts the normal progression of the pregnancy.

 - Dizziness, light-headedness, tiredness are the major problems woman face due to lower levels of haemoglobin in the body.

 - A woman’s Haemoglobin level must be between 13-16 g/dl before entering this lovely phase.

 - Add iron-rich diet to your food. Foods that help in maintaining Hb levels are:

 - Almonds

 - Green-Leafy Vegetables

 - Fruits like pomegranate, Beetroot, Guava, Kiwi

 - Wheat Grains like barley, millet

 - Eat jaggery to increase Hb levels.

 - Sufficient amount of iron in the body reduces the risk of maternal anaemia, low birth weight and premature delivery.

2) Maintaining Vitamin D and Calcium levels

Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth, for muscles. Our body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium, so lower levels of vitamin D can have an adverse effect on calcium levels and thus affect our body in many ways. Calcium and Vitamin D are important at every age, but how they affect pregnancy, baby’s health and even fertility. Maintaining Vitamin D is very important for maintaining calcium levels in the body.

 - Calcium is very important for fetal skeleton growth.

 - Muscle Weakness and cramps, body pain, tiredness are some of the major problems woman face due to deficiency of vitamin D and calcium.

 - Calcium intake per day 1000 mg*daily.

 - Vitamin D plays an important role in improving the fertility as well.

 - Add Calcium rich diet to your food. Food that helps in maintaining Vitamin D and Calcium levels are:


 - Milk

 - Yogurt

 - Cheese

 - Sweet Potatoes

 - Broccoli

 - Figs

Vitamin D

 - Cod Liver Oil

 - Mushroom

 - Egg Yolks

 - Milk

 - Fishes

 - Cheese

 - Oats

 - Cereals

Note: Last but not least, don’t forget about sunlight. It is the major source of Vitamin D. Take proper sunlight, Morning rays are very useful to fight with deficiency of vitamin D.

The above discussed two nutrients play a very important role in pregnancy. Along with this, we need to keep track of certain following things as well.

1) Track your periods

 - It is very important to know that if your periods are regular or not. Because irregular periods cause a lot of problem in conceiving. Also, if periods are irregular then you may have a doubt about fertility days. So, track your menstruation cycle.

 - Consult your doctor if periods are not regular.

2) Cut down some weight

 - If you are obese then before enjoying the pregnancy phase cut down your weight. It’s very important to have a good weight. During pregnancy time, a woman must gain 12-15 kg of weight to have a good health postpartum. More weight during pregnancy leads to C-Sec. Ideal body mass index will be very important. So, track your weight and shed down some if necessary.

 - Do exercises and Yoga for the same. Also, yoga will make your body more balanced.

3) Cut down on caffeine

 - It is found that excess consumption of Caffeine would lead to loss of early pregnancy. The couples who are planning to conceive must cut down their caffeine. Both man and woman should decrease their intake of caffeinated beverages.

 - Cutting down on caffeine isn’t that easy for addicted persons. So, try slowly.

So, before entering into pregnancy and motherhood keep the above-discussed things in mind to have a good pregnancy time. Maintain proper nutrients in body, preconception nutrients is a part of preparing journey for pregnancy.

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