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Beauty Resolutions You Must Stick To This Season

As the season changes the trends in the beauty space also change. When it comes to beauty there are no signs of stopping from trying something new. From doll eyes to dark lips and straight brows this season championed some out of the league beauty trends. The new wave of beauty trends are worth experimenting and you can’t pass up without them this season. Here’s the quick roundup of beauty trends that found their way everywhere around the globe. Keep scrolling to flaunt the new you through these beauty trends that are already trending everywhere. 


Even though it seems similar to contouring this face sculpting buzzword is a bit different. It’s a technique where you merge contour powder and highlighter all in one for that lit from within look. This also eases out from investing in two different makeup products as it is a combination of the make up the duo in one. This is the new contouring method where the focus is on letting your natural bone structure shine. Get ready for the healthy flush through the nation toured look.

Loud lips

Another beauty trend that is oh so alluring is the dark colour spectrum of lipsticks. It’s the easiest way to brighten your complexion with minimum-to-no effort. From plums to berries and oxblood to Bordeaux try any of these dark lip shades and it’ll glam up any day or nighttime occasion. These sultry dark hues will keep you totally on trend. Just pop on your dark lipstick and you’re good to go.

Cushion Foundation

If you’ve got bored of wearing your regular foundation then this buzzing beauty trend can give you reasons to get ready. It’s actually a foundation soaked in a cushion which gives you more control for neat and flawless application of your base. It’s also lightweight and a good option for daily wear. You can create both dewy and matte look from this foundation and is very convenient to carry in your handbag without the fear of spillage or breaking. This trend is not going to set aside in the coming years too.

Liquid hair

This beauty trend will give you supermodel look in few seconds. If you’ve always wanted to have slicked back strands like the models on the runway then it’s the right time to grab a bottle of shiny gel and get ready to take over the world by your looks. Your greased up hair can give styling inspiration to millions of girls out there. Get on board with liquid hair trend and make your hair look like liquid metal.

Straight Brows

If you’ve always wanted to have arched eyebrows then this season can demand lots of change in your eyebrow pattern. The recent trend is straight eyebrows that are believed to make you look younger and sweet. The visible arches make you look more mature than you are. So it’s time to make your eyebrows look fleek for that innocent and sweet look.

Soft eyes

With bold lips on trend, your eyes need to look subtle and toned down. This season is an absolute no for layers of kajal and eyeliner as it can make you look wimpish with a combination of bold lips. A generous dose of mascara or a hint of kohl will work best this season to uplift your makeup and make you look natural. It will give proper definition to your eyes and will save you from being a glitter ball in parties or special occasions.

So these are the latest beauty trends that’ll keep you looking glamorous the whole season. Rule the runways and roads with these beauty trends that’ll inspire you to put your best face forward.


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