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Beat the Sweltering Summer Heat: 5 Air Cooler Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

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With the oncoming summers, it is imperative that you have an air cooler running smoothly in your home. Summertime can be a daunting season and keeping your home cool becomes a necessity. In Indian households, the best companion during this time is air coolers. Irrespective of the region you’re from, here are 5 tips to maximise the efficiency of your air cooler and other home cooling tips.

Replace Clogged Air Filters

Especially during the summer season, air filters get clogged with dust, making it difficult for cool airflow. Replace the air filter before summer to ensure maximum efficiency over the long term. 

Proper Ventilation is Key

It is often a misconstrued fact that air coolers, like air conditioners, operate efficiently in closed-door spaces. This is not valid for air coolers as they work based on the principles of evaporation, by blowing hot air through cooling pads soaked in water. Preferably, place the cooler in front of a window. A smooth airflow, therefore, is crucial for its cooling. 

Replacement of Cooling Pads 

As a part of preventive maintenance, the cooling pads should be replaced every season due to several reasons. One of them being the choking of pads. Choking can lead to increased power consumption due to motor overload and also reduced airflow. Another reason is to avoid the cooler to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

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Motor Maintenance

A motor is the key component of any air cooler. The more fluid its performance is, the cooler your place becomes. After ensuring there are no electrical defects, all you need to do is a little basic cleaning, check for breaks or leakages and lubricate the motor and pump. No, lubricating is not a burden like it seems, all you need is some lubricating oil. Add a few drops at different areas of the motor. This makes sure the motor and the pump runs smoothly without constant noise in the background.

What To Do When Not In Use

After summer, the air cooler is going to remain unused atleast for the next 4-5 months. First, disconnect the cooler from the power source to save power and prevent wear and tear. Secondly, daily clean the dust accumulated. If you are planning to pack it and store it, ensure water is completely drained out and dries off.

Other Cooling Tips for your Home

A few other ideas to increase the efficiency of your air cooler, include something as simple as closing the curtains in your home to control the heat coming through windows. Also, switch off unnecessary lights and other appliances. Keep the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom running after cooking or showering, to ensure that hot air is automatically driven outdoors.

If getting an air cooler becomes a necessity or you haven’t replaced your air cooler in a while and are considering buying a new one, get an air cooler on rent. You can get an ac on rent during the summer season only and save up as well.

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