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Barbie Dolls Are Not Just For Kids - You Can Collect Them Too!

If you are the kind of person who thinks that Barbie dolls are only meant for kids, think again. If you think they are only meant for little girls, think some more. Barbie dolls can actually be our role models in so many ways and inspire us to be who we want to be. All the real Barbie fans would know this. Want to know how? Keep reading!

How Barbie Has Evolved Over The Years

Few toys have always held a special place in our hearts and we have kept these toys with us for so many years because of this very reason. Barbie is a toy that has evolved in so many ways over the years and is still a favourite amongst many. Initially, Barbie only came in one standard shape and colour but now they have a variety of dolls to choose from.

Mattel Barbie has recently launched Barbie dolls in 3 new body shapes which you can collect right away - tall, petite and curvy. They also come with different skin tones, hair types and eye colours. Want their Indian Barbie doll (pictured below)? Order it here. It comes with Mehendi stencils too so that your little one can apply Mehendi by themselves.

You can even collect Barbie’s friends and family as this is what makes Barbie so relatable. Everyone can relate to or associate themselves with the doll and her family. In fact, Barbie dolls are great as collectable dolls. You can place the dolls inside a Barbie doll house and this would work great as your kid’s favourite toy set as well as a nice showpiece that you can make use of during story-time.

Why They Are Great For Little Girls AND Boys

Barbie dolls serve as a great role model for kids. The slogan on the Mattel Barbie website reads “You can be anything”. They motivate kids to become independent and happy, just like Barbie. If you really know Barbie, you would know that she is a girl who loves her family and friends a lot. She has her own house and car (both of which you can collect) and she surrounds herself with everybody she loves. She manages everything on her own and she doesn’t let anyone boss her around.

She gets to be her own person and her life revolves around her own dreams and happiness - it’s Barbie’s world after all. Barbie is happy, independent and doesn’t have to worry about anything while she is busy in her world, with the people she loves. This is why even grown women can relate to it and want to own this doll. It reminds them to keep their nose up high and continue conquering life and slaying!

When a girl plays with this Barbie doll, she pictures everything that she will become. Gifting this to girls will enable them to work hard and succeed in life so that they are able to support themselves and don’t have to depend on their husbands for everything in the future. In the same way, the doll teaches boys that girls are just as capable as they are and that boys and girls deserve to be treated equally.

Barbie Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend

The best part is that the kids see a best friend in these dolls and they can keep them close to their hearts throughout their life. Whether it is their first day at school or their first board exam, Barbie can act as a comforting friend for your child. It is small enough to fit into their school bags and can even fit into your handbag.

Kids can feel free to trust Barbie with all their secrets since Barbie won’t tell anyone else. They can also have fun trying out new clothes together - you may have to help by making matching outfits for your doll and the Barbie doll. You will soon find that your child doesn’t want to go anywhere without their precious Barbie doll.

Some Exciting News About Barbie!

Barbie’s birthday is on March 9th. In honour of her birthday, Flipkart is opening a new section on their website that is dedicated solely to Barbie dolls. You can trust and expect original Barbie dolls here at reasonable and affordable prices. So you don’t have to look anywhere else if you want to buy a new Barbie doll. Want to order a new Barbie doll today? Click here

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