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You are a workaholic and do not want to give up working even in your pregnancy, managing pregnancy with work can be tedious and absolutely grueling. In the initial months, you may not feel much of a difference but at a later stage, this may take a toll on your overall health if you do not take proper care. Continuing with your work during pregnancy is actually quite a wise decision as this keeps your body in constant motion and your mind in constant vigil. But you need to maintain a balance and know when to stop.

Your doctor may not always be able to give you expert advice on how to manage work with pregnancy, in such cases, talk to friends and family members who have already been through these stages and learn from their experiences. Also, read up articles about mothers and their advice on how to manage your work with your pregnancy.

Here a few tips from our side:

1. Exercise and a proper balanced diet.

Working may make you tired and exhausted, therefore it is of utmost importance to make time for exercise. You may dismiss this by just saying that work itself is a lot of exercise, but you are mistaken. Remove at least half an hour from your daily schedule to do some basic and simple exercises. This will help you improve your blood circulation and overall body stance. A proper balanced diet is also important since you cannot just give in to your cravings while sitting in front of a computer. We know that you are eating for two people but make sure that you have healthy food and only give in to junk food cravings once in awhile.

2. Talk to people and socialize.

It is imperative that people who you are surrounded by for the major part of your day, be aware of your mental and physical state. Be outspoken and let your colleagues and boss know that you are expecting. This will help them to make sure, to not do anything that will affect your fragile mental state. Keep your family and friends updated about your health from time to time and ask for lesser work if you are not able to take up a lot of load.

3. Post-pregnancy.

Most couples forget to focus on post-pregnancy scenarios and have to scramble up and look into 10 things at a time after delivery. Make sure that this does not happen. Apply for your paternity/maternity leave well in advance and submit a list of allowance proposals to your office if you have a provision for the same. Inquire if you could work part-time or from home after your maternity/paternity leave ends.

4. Concentrate on your mental state.

It is of utmost importance that you stay calm and happy during your pregnancy. So eliminate all sources that make you feel stressed or give you negative vibes, do not get hyped about petty issues and try to do a positive self-talk at least twice a week. This may seem a little silly, but believe it or not, it helps. Take active steps to do away with stress and learn to say no.

5. Ask your partner and doctor for what you need.

Sometimes, all you need from your partner is a little quality time that they may not realize they should give you. In such cases, ask for their time. Spending more time with your loved ones can help you alleviate a lot of unknown stress. Also, ask your doctor about things and tell him/her if you are in pain and need help.

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