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Balance of Parenting for Working Moms

Moms are moms irrespective of age. While this holds good for n number of generations, it plays a vital role for working moms.

Every working mom tries to put in her best effort to be a part of the little one`s childhood. But when it comes to career VS child, it becomes challenging to create a work-life balance. Though with certain ground rules ,both roles can be incorporated in one`s life. The essential thumb rule to be followed is” You can’t do everything everyone wants” . Hence, pick and choose your priorities. Remember that people who care about you may want to play a larger role in your life but may fear they’re being intrusive. Don’t be afraid to step forward and ask for help: You do so not out of weakness, but out of love for your child. If a trust worthy friend offers to lend a hand, by all means accept. You will find a way to reciprocate the kindness in your own way. It is also important to program emergency information into your cell phone and keep a copy in a visible place. Give copies to your family, friends, neighbors, and your child’s caregivers.

Flexibility in your work schedule is key–ask for it or find a company that offers it. This gives you more lung space to balance your work-family life . Also, the most important point mom`s forget is to plan for their “ me time “..All of you might be thinking how impossible it is to have me time ,when there is absolutely no time. No mommies, it`s a misconception. We all need time for ourselves, irrespective of our busy schedules. Make time to catch up with friends, listen to music , and eat good food. Many women skip food due to lack of time. There`s nothing more important than taking care of your health. Hence, skipping meals will only worsen your situation . So mommies enjoy your life with work, family, friends, household chores, me time and everything. Because eventually, that’s what life is all about .

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