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Baby's Adorable Sing-Song Reply To Mom's "I love you"

You may already know the benefits of talking to your baby well before they learn how to talk. The more you talk to them, their ability to pick up the language and speak fluently will increase. Before they begin to talk, they will first try and mimic whatever you try to say. Though the words won’t sound exactly the same, they will try to communicate using words. For example, if they want to say “ball”, they may end up saying “baw”.

When you talk to your baby, their brain tries to remember the words and the sounds. This is why they stare at you when you say something. They are trying to read your lips so they can try doing the same actions. They may then try to imitate the same sounds and lip movements.

A baby’s first words are usually either “mama” or “papa”. Thus, parents may try and have a competition about whether baby says “mama” or “papa” first. To avoid a potential fight over whom the baby loves more - mama or papa - they can settle for teaching the baby something more neutral like “I love you”.

Dennis Neely was lucky enough to capture the precious moment when his baby girl, Gemma Kate, responded to her mom, Michelle Neely, singing “I love you”. Although she didn’t sound the words out correctly, she was able to mimic the sounds. After Michelle sang “I love you” to her baby, her baby responded by singing it back to her, by cooing out the “you”.

Watch this adorable video here:

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