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Baby Skin 101: What To Do or Not Do

Your baby’s skin is soft, delicate and sensitive to its surroundings. It’s only natural then that as a mom, you’re worried about how you can keep such skin safe, clean and soft. Proper skin care is a very important part of taking care of your baby so that you can avoid problems like rashes and allergies as much as possible, and continue to enjoy that oh-so-soft feeling you get every single time you hold your baby.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Choosing Products

Choose products that are specially designed for babies, because babies have very thin, fragile skin, which is more likely to have a reaction to what’s on it. Make sure to check that the products are tested, and speak to your doctor about allergens.

Hypoallergenic products are products that do not contain allergens for your baby, and you should ideally try to choose products along these lines, whether it is a baby bath, shampoo, baby lotion or baby powder. 


Bath-time should take place in a careful and monitored setting. Ask for help and keep all the things like clothes, nappies, and products ready before you start bathing the baby. Follow these tips to keep bath time safe and fun for your little one.

- Always use a baby bath tub for safety. Don’t leave the child unattended, and always make sure the baby’s head is out of the water. Don’t fill the tub with more than a few inches of water.

- To avoid your baby getting cold, you can pour some small cupfuls of water over the shoulders while bathing him.

- Check the temperature of the water and make sure it is just warm, before you put the baby into the bath. Hot water can burn your baby’s thin skin, so you should ideally bathe your baby in lukewarm water.

- Use a soft towel that will be gentle on your baby’s skin.

Diapers and Diaper Rash

Diapers are the most worn garment for a baby - almost the entire day, the baby wears a diaper, and this can cause rashes or irritation for the baby. Follow these tips to make sure that you do diapering right.

- Choose the right size of diapers for your baby, because tight diapers can cause chaffing and diaper rashes, and make your little one cranky.

- Change the diapers often to avoid wetness. Keep your baby’s skin dry so that infections and rashes can be avoided.

- If your baby has rashes, use a diaper rash cream that soothes the skin.

- Use soft baby wipes and be gentle on the baby’s skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can make your baby’s skin itchy and irritated. Use a baby lotion to moisturize your baby’s skin and combat dryness. There are also some tips you can follow to avoid dry skin or deal with the problem better:

- Avoid bathing your baby too often - soaps can strip the skin of natural oils, and this is true even for adults.

- For the first month, use a soft towel and clean water to sponge your baby. Do this every alternate day, to avoid drying out the baby’s skin.

Sun Safety

There are also some things that you should not do when it comes to baby skin care. It is very easy for a baby’s skin to be damaged or irritated, especially in the sun's harsh radiation, so make sure to avoid the following:

- Babies should not go out in the sun until they are 6 months old, as their skin needs time to develop. The harsh UV radiation is bad for both, skin and health.

- If you have to step out with the baby, make sure to use sunscreen with at least SPF30. The sunscreen should be specifically meant for a baby. Apply this at least 30 minutes before stepping out for protection.

- Babies are also prone to heat rash and prickly heat, so make sure you dress them in loose, soft clothes. Use a hat to shield their eyes and avoid the harsh midday sunlight.

So be mindful of your baby’s delicate skin, because the skin plays a protective role for the body. Your baby’s soft skin can remain soft, healthy and clean as long as you choose your products and use them with care. Read ingredient labels and consult your doctor before you try anything new on your baby’s skin.

After all, don’t you love holding those soft hands and feet?  

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