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Baby Shower Games You Must Try Out

The best and most fun part of a pregnancy is the baby shower. It is so much fun organising it too! Decorating the house, having a theme party, binging on yummy treats and of course, the shower of gifts for you and your baby. This might make it super fun for you but for those attending your party, they need to be entertained with some fun games, party music and tasty food.

The food and music can be taken care of, but you need to come up with creative and fun games for the people to play at the party. This will make the baby shower more memorable for everyone and people will talk about it for days to come. Here are a few baby shower game ideas you can try out:

1. Bottoms up!

Fill up a few baby bottles with juice and hand it over to the guests. For the adults you could fill it up with beer if they prefer this. They have to then start downing the contents of the bottle. The one who finishes the entire bottle first wins.

2. Baby Photos

When you invite your friends or relatives to your baby shower, make sure to ask them to bring along their baby photo to the baby shower. When they come in for the party, collect the photos and pin them up around the house along with a number. Later, after all your guests have settled, you can hand out numbered sheets and ask them to fill in names next to the numbers of the people they think the baby photos belong to. Whoever has the most number of right answers or guesses wins.

3. Baby Names

Play a game where you hand out sheets and pens to everyone. To begin, call out the letters of the alphabets and have them write down two names - one boy name and one girl name for the baby. You can then ask them to read out the names. Any repeated names would not be considered and should be struck off the sheet. This will continue for maybe 10-20 rounds (or until you finish all the letters). The winner is the one with the most number of original names (least number of strikes).

4. Don’t drop the egg baby

For this game, all you will need is a couple of hard-boiled eggs and an open space for your friends to walk around. This can either be played outdoors or even inside your home after moving around the furniture and clearing up some space. Hand out a boiled egg to each one of them and have them draw a baby face on the egg. To begin, ask them to walk to the “finish line” while balancing the egg on a spoon which is either held by hand or between the teeth for increased difficulty. Whoever reaches the finish line first without breaking the egg wins. 

5. Baby Artists

Hand out sheets or paper plates to all the guests. With the help of a marker, they should sketch out what they think the baby will look like. The one with the best picture wins. But it isn’t that easy either - the guests have to draw with the sheet or paper plate on the top of their heads. 

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