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Between 7-12 months, from a developmental point of view, is a very important time. Your little one now learns, independence.

Babies begin to take responsibility for themselves, that is to say, they try to do away with support. You’re required to watch them like a hawk at this stage.

Here’s an attempt at, putting in a nutshell what goes on within the oh so important 7-12 months of your baby’s development.

The Explorer

What the BABY does:

The baby will start sitting without support, crawl better, and reach out for objects. At this stage, your baby might even try to stand by seeking support from the objects surrounding him.

What YOU should do:

As a parent, your job is to baby proof the environment, so that the little one can crawl, stand, sit and do whatever else, to its heart’s content. If you haven’t put two and two together already, sharp and heavy objects around the baby can do it significant harm, especially when it is trying to get to know the world around it.

Also, you can encourage the baby to stand for a few seconds without support.

Don’t worry if the baby topples over or anything, the baby will learn to pick itself up.

Alarming signs:

The baby doesn’t crawl well, doesn’t try to stand, or tries to drag itself whilst crawling.

The Talker

What the BABY does:

At this stage, the baby would have a said a few words familiar to it, like “mama” or “papa”. The baby is also paying really close attention to what you’re saying and the way your mouth moves when you utter something and will try ardently to pick up on it. Apart from this, the child finds effective ways to convey his wants with a word or two .

What YOU should do:

As a parent, read more often to the baby. You must make regular conversations and don’t worry about conversing with the baby in more than one language. The brain is in its developmental stage and hence your little bundle of joy can get a hang of 2 languages simultaneously. Apart from this, show your baby objects and describe it. The more you speak, the more they feel the need to communicate.

Alarming signs:

If the baby doesn’t say or attempt to say any words at all. Doesn’t even gesture as to what he/she is trying to say.

The Friend

What the BABY does:

At this stage, your baby is completely aware of who the mother and father are. They also recognize and react to individuals who have continually established a rapport with them.

The baby also starts recognizing music and videos that you have played a good number of times.

Between 7-12 months the baby gets comfortable with its surroundings, so now they’ll have a favorite object (blanket, toy, etc.) that they need to seek comfort.

What YOU should do:

You can introduce the baby to music but be patient with the baby, wait for the baby to catch up. Leave the baby with people you trust more often, this will help you get some support to do your own thing at times. The baby will be comfortable around people it recognizes and likes.

Alarming signs:

You need to worry only if the baby is not adapting to absolutely anyone and loses it when left with anyone besides the parents.

The Thinker

What the BABY does:

Between these months, your baby would have learnt to understand and respond to your instructions. It would know basic things like yes, no, eat, sleep, etc. The best part is, the baby will now completely respond to its name and also try and say it.

What YOU should do:

As a parent, help your child pronounce its name and say it when asked to. For your child to understand different objects and things you say, you’ll have to be patient and repeat everything a good number times till the baby grasps it. It’s a good time to teach your baby parts of the body and other simple things. 

Alarming signs:

You need to worry only if the baby is always blank and doesn’t know how to respond to anything you say. Despite repeated attempts, if the baby still doesn’t know its name and basic yes and no’s, then it’s a problem. 

What every parent must bear in mind it that, every child is different in terms of development. As long as your baby does the above-mentioned things between these months then there’s nothing to worry about. A month here and there, is absolutely normal.

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