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Baby Milestones: 3 to 7 Months

3 to 7 months is an overwhelming time for you and the baby. In this period, the baby starts to move around a lot and does a lot of new things.

In this article, we help you understand the milestones covered by your baby in the three to seven month period, give you tips to help achieve those milestones, and also tell you about a few of the alarming signs.

1. Movements

What the BABY does:

Between 3-7 months the baby will be able to hold its head up firm and unsupported. When the baby lies on its tummy, the baby will tend to push up to its elbows and hold up the head. They also start rolling over and back, on their own.

What YOU should do:

At intervals, you should hold your baby on its feet, as at this stage they also learn to push down with their feet on a hard surface. Help your baby stand with support; that’ll help them use their leg muscles.

Alarming Signs:

In the case of poor arm and head movement, or if the baby sits with a rounded back, or if there’s any kind of stiffness in the body movement, you must visit your doctor and consult with them to rule out any underlying problems.

2. Talking

What the BABY does:

At this stage, your baby would have begun to respond to sounds and when you call its name. You will notice how your baby tries to babble and get your attention. Babies tend to make different kinds of noises for different emotions.

What YOU should do:

As a parent, you must try to engage in conversations with the baby, no matter how silly it may seem. Imitate what the baby does and that will encourage him or her to talk back to you. Reading out to your baby and having a day to day conversation will help the baby in grasping new words. When your baby smiles, smile back at them. When they try to say a word, say any word that sounds similar to what the baby is trying to say.

Alarming Signs:

You need to be worried only of the baby is extremely quiet and doesn’t respond to any noise or calls whatsoever. Every baby is different and there is no defined age or time when a baby starts talking.

3. Development Of The Senses

What the BABY does:

3-7 months is a crucial time for your baby. At this point, the baby starts recognising people and can differentiate between a stranger and the usual people around them. They start reaching out to toys and identifying colourful and attractive objects around them. At this stage, they develop hand and eye coordination. They start reaching out or pointing to objects when they see any.

What YOU should do:

Put out a lot of toys and books around the baby. When the baby points at something, talk to the baby about that object. Show your baby how to soothe itself; sucking on its own fingers helps the baby relax. Babies at this point also put anything in their mouth, as a parent you must be aware of what’s within your baby’s reach.

Alarming Signs:

In case your baby doesn’t respond to surrounding sounds, doesn’t visually track objects, or doesn’t reach out for objects, then visiting the doctor will be a good idea.

Always keep a lookout for warning sights. Apart from this, make sure you dedicate enough time to your baby as at this time in its development, the baby starts picking up a lot from its surroundings. Be it the music you play or the movie playing on the television, it all matters and contributes to the baby’s development.

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