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Baby Growth: A Clever Photo Journal

One second they’re lying in your arms and the next they’re running around the house refusing to have their diapers changed - One thing’s for sure, Babies grow up fast! You’ll see a lot of milestones in the first year of your baby’s life and what better way to make them memorable than to make a photo journal out of it? 

Months 1 to 3

One would think, what would a baby so young do other than sleep and drink milk right? Well, look closer and you’ll see a lot of tiny little things that are not only aww-worthy but also hilarious. The baby in the photograph for instance loves bath time and eye contact (It almost sounds like a tinder bio).   

Months 4 to 6

Your baby’s bigger and stronger by now. When babies turn 6 months, lot of mother start weaning. You can start with something simple like a carrot puree or just mashed bananas (babies love bananas!). You baby is also a lot more curious and can recognize you better. You’ll see her active, kicking around and rolling around laughing.    

Months 7 to 9

Your baby will probably be able to sit up all by themselves without any support (A really big deal!). They cry, laugh and are also able to differentiate between colours. By the end of 9 months, your baby is crawling around with his soft little tush wiggling all the time. They use their newfound skills in picking out hidden things and observing everyday activities.

Months 10 to 12

New teeth is coming and so are new words. They’ll start catching up on words you use around them (so, refrain yourself from using swear words even by mistake). They’ll say the word several times, see how it rolls around on their tongue. Your baby can easily pick you and your husband out in a crowd and is delighted by new toys and foods you give to them.

Your baby is all grown up now, soon he’ll be going to school with a cute little backpack and uniform. So cherish these moments, capture them and store them in your memory. They’ll be over before you can blink.

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