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Baby Girl Names- November Edition

Come whatsoever may, a daughter is always daddy’s dearest one. Just like how a lamp can brighten up a room, a daughter is the one who will bring joy, prosperity and happiness in your life. Her mere presence will brighten up anybody’s day and when she smiles....oh what a lovely way to begin your day!

This one’s exclusively for baby girls born in the month of November. This is a season to be jolly and what else is more fun than spending some warm time with your baby girl?

Here are top 10 names for baby girls, so brace yourself to get inspired!

1. Nakshatra

It means- stars and constellations. Your daughter is born to shoot for the moon and reach the stars. Nakshatra is a powerful name just perfect for your daughter.


A beautiful name for your beautiful daughter. It is a typical Hindu name which means ‘River’. A river is limitless just like the wonderful future possibilities for your daughter’s bright future! She’ll bring success and prosperity wherever she goes.

3. Monica

Your daughter is the north star and she will guide you through every obstacle that comes your way. It means an advisor.


It means boundless. A free bird like her can accomplish a lot of things! All you gotta do is trust in her.


It is a popular name in the West and it means beloved one. Of course, your daughter is dear to you and won’t it be nice if you express your love for her every time you call her name?


Ahh! Beauty is what defines this name. Your daughter must be the most beautiful girl in the world and calling her ‘Lavanya’ would be such a delight!


Justice and the protector of man! Your daughter knows what’s right and wrong. She’s smart, independent and knows her way through things.


By the Hindu origins, it means ‘union’. She will be the one to bring in peace and harmony wherever she goes.


Melodious singer! If your baby girl has been cooing and you find it melodious, it is a great name for your daughter.


This is a highly feminine name which denotes a fairy Godmother. You’re really lucky to be bestowed by a baby girl in your life and what better name to call your little angel by!

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