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Baby Development Milestones: What To Expect In The First Year

baby milestones to watch out for

From being a helpless small baby to an active toddler, it just takes twelve months for the baby to change. There are different baby development stages which can be observed in this twelve months. These are the baby milestones that one can expect in the first year.

The first year of the baby is delightful and dizzying at the same time for a new mommy. If you observe baby growth month by month keenly, you will understand that the babies are developed with every month passing by. As a new mommy, you have to understand the baby development milestones. This is the reason why we curated the baby growth stages in this article. Understand them and cherish your baby development stages month by month.

Table of Contents

Baby Development Stages

One to Three Months

Four to Six Months

Seven to Nine Months

Ten to Twelve Months

Right Time to Visit Pediatrician

Baby Development Stages

baby milestones to watch out for

The newborns will be changing with every month or even with every day and it is not easy to track their changes each and every day. We made a list of baby development milestones every three months. Remember one thing that these milestones are curated based on the observations and your child may reach them a little bit sooner or later so do not overthink about them and worry yourself.

One to Three Months

baby milestones to watch out for

This is the first phase of the newborn development stages. As a new mommy you will be overwhelmed to recognize these changes, and before you even understand these milestones, your baby would be reaching the next one so do not worry about anything and observe these amazing changes in your kid.

In this first development stage, the baby’s brain would be learning the new world and how to live in it. As the baby grows from infant stage, you may observe:

‣ Smiling! Yes, the baby will start smiling for herself at first. Later, she will respond to your smile by smiling and even at times she will try to get you to smile back at her too. This is one of the cutest phase of baby development after birth.

‣ She sleeps on her tummy and will be able to raise the head and chest while she is resting.

‣ Decreases the eye crossing.

‣ The baby will be able to bring her hands close to the mouth and also claps with the hands together.

‣ Tries to reach the dangling objects even though they wouldn’t be able to take them.

‣ Gripping the objects in hand, this is the phase where the baby will be holding the finger of adults in their hands.

‣ The baby development month by month in the initial stages can be observed easily.

Four to Six Months

baby milestones to watch out for

Babies at this age try to use the powerful tools at their disposal - their hands as much as they can. They try to manipulate the world around them with those beautiful and chubby hands.

‣ Roll over from front to back and vice versa.

‣ Laughing out loud.

‣ Babbling - The sounds are similar to the language in which their parents talk. It really sounds like some language for babies.

‣ Sitting up with the support.

‣ Reaching out the objects and you have to be careful with your hair.

‣ They will get the control of their head.

‣ Manipulate the toys or any other objects around them. Make sure that your house is clean and any sharp objects aren’t near to them.

Seven To Nine Months

baby milestones to watch out for

This is the second half of the year and your child becomes a baby and toddler on the go. You wouldn’t be able to understand the changes at this time. The baby will be learning about how he will be able to get the things by just rolling over. This is the right time where you have to babyproof your home.

‣ Some of the changes that can be observed in this baby development stages are

‣ The baby will be able to scoot and then crawl. In some cases, the babies skip crawling and directly starts walking.

‣ Baby will be able to sit without taking anyone’s support

‣ The baby will respond to their name and you can even hear them babbling mom and dad too.

‣ You can play clapping and peekaboo games with them.

‣ Baby will learn how to pull up to a standing position

‣ They will move forward and backwards at this time

Ten to Twelve Months

baby milestones to watch out for

This is the last stage of infant development. The baby has already become a toddler. The baby will start doing so many things at this stage and you will be able to observe a huge transition.

‣ The changes that one can observe in their baby in this baby development milestones are

‣ The will begin feeding themselves

‣ They will start cruising around the room with the help of furniture

‣ Baby will be able to say some words like mom and dad.

‣ Baby will point at the objects that they want and ask you to bring those to them.

‣ You will witness baby first steps in this stage

Right Time To Visit Pediatrician

These are the milestones that are observed in the baby growth chart. There is no specific rule that the baby will be reaching each and every milestone as stated. Some babies reach the milestone at an early stage while others may take more time. It all depends upon the baby’s growth. Do not worry about it or feel tensed about the baby because at the end of the day everything will be sorted out.

If you still worry about your baby not reaching the milestones by month even after so many days, visit the paediatrician once. Remember that there is no need to worry about baby growth at all. Do not worry about the time but concentrate on progression. There are babies whose growth is delayed but that doesn’t mean that the babies would stop growing. Just sit back and wait till your baby reaches their precious milestones. If you don’t observe changes for a long time then you can consult a paediatrician.

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