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Baby Clothes Buying Guide For Summer

Dressing yourself is one thing while dressing your baby is a whole new game— anticipated among parents. Some parents get excited to the extent of preparing for the little one’s wardrobe way before arrival, even.

How do you pick them?

If your baby is wearing too many clothes, then this may lead to overheating and suffocation, while if the sun’s rays are able to hit the baby’s skin directly, then this might cause sunburns and other skin damage. Hence, the selection of clothes should be done on the basis of the level maintained between the coverage of the skin and cool clothing, which would definitely keep your baby safe in summer.

What clothes should be preferred?

Only the most comfortable clothes can be included in your summer bucket list this time, including:

1. Growsuits

Growsuits or jumpsuits can be considered as the perfect choice of clothing for your babies in summer, as these are made up of cotton, and easily allow your baby to move freely anywhere without any trouble. These can also be worn in two ways—one during the day while another as pajamas.

2. Singlets or Boysuits

A number of bodysuits are available these days which on hotter days can provide a great comfort to your bundle of joy. These can be worn in two ways—as a bodysuit, itself and as a singlet underneath the other clothes on cooler days. Such bodysuits are done up under the crotch and hence, are highly recommended for babies during summer.

3. Cardigans or Jackets

During summers, it is not specific when your baby’s body will start losing the temperature, so in case that happens, you still need to keep them warm even on hot days. Jackets or cardigans with buttons are better options than the jumpers as these are harder to pull over the head.

4. Socks or Booties

When it comes to protection of baby’s feet or head, fortunately, many options can be considered, that include bibs, sun hats, cotton blankets, muslins and other types of wraps, that can protect your baby from harsh surrounding particles.

5. Correct Size

It becomes rather more confusing when it comes to choosing a correct size clothing for your baby as the size of baby clothes seem to vary with each brand. When some brands label ‘0000’ as 0-3 months, another label ‘000’ with the same. Also, the correct sizing also depends on the size of your growing baby and hence, it is highly suggested to not stock up the clothing for too long in advance, so as to prevent such clothes going to waste before they’ve even been worn.

The correct size of your baby can also depend upon the size of them when they were born, for instance, a 2-kilo baby will need the clothing of size ‘0000’, whereas a 4-kilo baby will need a ‘00’. So, you can also buy a few items of each size before birth and then buy the rest as and when you need them.

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