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Baby’s Development: What You Never Knew Before

When your baby is growing up, everyone wants to watch how they grow and learn from the world around them. It is always such a joy watching them explore their world with their curious, wondering eyes. The problem is that the little one doesn’t know the dangers that exist around them. It is our duty to protect them and make sure they don’t fall into trouble. 

Did you know that the chemical products you use can also have a negative effect on your baby’s health? Read on to find out how the chemical products you use every day can be detrimental to your baby’s health.

1. Indirect Exposure

When a mother is breastfeeding, she has to take utmost care of her own health. This is why she has to eat nutritional meals and avoid certain foods - it affects the baby. It is important to always ask your doctor before using any medications while breastfeeding. If you use any cleaning products that give out a strong fragrance, it could cause problems as they may contain chemicals like phthalates which can cause serious respiratory problems.

2. Direct Exposure

While your baby is growing up, s/he is going to spend a majority of his/her time on the floor. This means that they will be inhaling any dirt or dust directly from the floor. This is why the floor needs to be kept clean at all times. The cleaning product you use on the floor can also have a negative effect on your baby. Chemicals like phosphates and chlorides can cause severe health problems in babies.

3. During Pregnancy

Even before the baby is born, the mother must take care to see that she is not exposed to any harmful chemicals. If the workplace involves usage of strong chemicals, it is best to take a break from work for a while. Likewise, it is best to opt for natural products to use at home as exposure to it in confined spaces like in your bedroom can also have an effect on your baby.

Positively promoting baby’s development

Your baby’s development depends on how you interact with your baby. Skin-to-skin contact has a very powerful impact on their intellectual development. This is why it is recommended to breastfeed and snuggle with your infant as much as possible. Talking to them, reading to them and even singing for them will help engage their minds. Take pauses while singing/talking and wait for them to respond - this is a great way to encourage them to communicate.

Another very important thing to do is to use natural products at home. If you have been using chemical-based cleaning products, now is the right time to make a change. Tinystep has launched a brand new natural floor cleaner. It is free of all harmful toxins and is completely safe for your family. To order it right away, click here.

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