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Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Pros and Cons

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

The topic of conceiving is very sensitive and requires to be looked at seriously. Most women dream to have a safe pregnancy and a happy addition to their family. Sometimes, women are not able to do this in the natural way.

Yet, this is something that doesn't have to get in the way of becoming a mother. Many women get their wishes without worrying about their inability to naturally conceive. Today, it is possible for you to conceive through assisted reproductive technologies.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

What are Assisted Reproductive Technologies?

Assisted reproductive technologies are technological assistance of medicine. This is done either before, during or after the process of reproduction. Examples are: assisting in pregnancy, birth, genetic structure, etc.

The most famous assisted reproductive technologies that are known include Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Third Party Reproductive Technologies.

Pros of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

1. It is a very valuable alternative: All families are unique. Everyone should be given a choice to conceive in ways that is possible for them.

2. Assisted reproductive technologies are long-tested techniques.

3. For conditions that require toxic medication, assisted reproductive technologies are a glimmer of hope. Thus, it is easier for families to seek treatment for these conditions. At the same time, their wish to conceive in the future is not lost.

4. If there are any birth defects in the baby, they are changed and made more manageable.

5. It is very quick to identity further problems in reproduction. Many a times, if the family does not wish to conceive - assisted reproductive technologies also provide options for other families through donations.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Cons Assisted Reproductive Technologies

1. It is highly expensive.

2. The results of the assisted reproductive technology is most of the time ambiguous, not expected or predictable to:

- the baby. This includes results like deformation, prematurity and low birth weight.

- the mother. This includes allergic side effects, failure to conceive the first time, multiple or ectopic pregnancies.

3. Professionals or family members might feel the need to misuse or manipulate the procedure. This can strongly affect your emotional health.

4. There is question of natural conception. Many feel that assisted reproductive technology is not a fair or right procedure as per ethics. 

The Verdict?

At the end, your partner, doctor and you yourself are the ones you need to listen to. Keeping such precautions will only help you remain happy as well as conceive safely! So, what are your opinions on assisted reproductive technology ladies? Like, share and comment down below! 

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